Maine State REALTOR Conventions | 2020 Means Virtual, Cyber Gathering, Stay Where You Are



The Maine State REALTOR conventions, each year this time of fall it’s time to saddle up and head out down Interstate 95.

I live in Northern Maine and the rotation of state REALTOR conventions in this vast but sparsely populated state means travel. 2020 means virtual, cyber gathering, stay where you are around Maine. Remote online learning is nothing new thanks to the kick in the seat of the pants COVID19 provided all real estate professionals.

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More often than not, the state of Maine REALTOR’s convention is at the Samoset in Rockport.

Centrally located, big enough to house, feed and educate the 500 or so of the over 5000 attendees that make the annual trek. Two out of three Maine state REALTOR conventions are at this midcoast location on the ocean waterfront.

Last year the Maine REALTOR state convention was at Sunday River in Newry Maine.

That’s out west and up in the mountains where the resort gets the most use when a blanket of white covers the ground. REALTORS used the ski trail chair lift to leaf peek to take in the dazzling fall colors courtesy of Jack Frost. Some years the REALTOR convention for the state of Maine is in Bar Harbor, on the coast like Rockport. Other round ups of REALTORS happen in Bangor or Portland.


For a state Maine Association Of REALTORS annual meeting, you need the large enough layout to herd and handle crowds.

You want a facility big enough to accommodate this bunch of mover and shaking Maine REALTORS. This year not crowded around the meeting room long tables or round dining ones either. Instead, huddled at home in Maine where we live, work, play. Maybe spread around a long conference table at a small town real estate agency in Maine. Or sitting at your desk where you zoom meeting already thanks to COVID19.

All hands squeaky clean, face masks ready, booties too and a clear bottle of sanitizer tucked away if anyone has to duck out.

All that happening with a practiced routine perfected since last March delivered the new protocols. This year’s convention we warm our hands in the chilly fall crisp air of Maine in front of glowing computer desk and lap top computer screens. Together, alone, online. That’s this year’s Maine state REALTOR convention approach to learning more to do our real estate jobs better.

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The networking with other real estate professionals in many Maine markets is the real value.

The continuing education classes help you improve your practice and stay sharp and in tune. In Maine, at least 24 real estate continuing credits are needed to renew your license to list, twist and sell properties of all types and prices. The meals are superb like the table talk around them. Because brand new agents chime in and participate in the real estate discussions. Older, veteran real estate brokers and agency owners share the history and help the perspective of the Maine REALTOR group.

The hospitality suites with tasty snacks and cold beverages offer a chance for more real estate discussions in closer, nosier confines than the quiet, open large classroom meeting locations.

Being cooped up in real estate continuing education meetings all day at a Maine REALTOR convention can make those end of the day social gatherings special. Cage animals like to be set free and real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are used to being on the move, multitasking many items on the to do list. The one created late at night and added to early in the morning. Too much coffee and rushing to get there on time. To park on a chair inside the room before the big double doors shut tight and the meeting session begins again.

Making sure to fill out the REALTOR convention course review form and rating the session and earning your 2, 3 or no credits but learning something new just the same.

All part of the tools the Maine REALTOR uses to do what they do better, smarter, more helpfully for buyers, sellers in their small local communities around the state.

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This year the Maine State REALTOR Convention is held remotely wherever you are in Vacationland.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, gathering in one large knot where everyone wears the blue and gold “R” lapel pin is not physically going to take place. Instead, virtual meetings online and working remotely to connect with other Maine REALTORS is the plan for the next few days. Come as you are, stay where you are. Local real estate office distractions in the background as phones ring, emails pile up and buyers, sellers want what they need ASAP. It will be interesting to attend the Maine REALTOR state convention meeting and trade show from home, not the down country venue location.

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No travel or getting up very early to head out from Aroostook County Maine for me today.

Have another coffee, hammer out the hunt and peck fodder for another real estate blog. And easy one because no hotel to book, nothing to pack, no miles to rack up on the Jeep up and down the pike. I miss those old friends who practice in the different Maine real estate trenches.Seeing each Maine county REALTOR board pick their cream of the crop, best of the bunch nominations. For Maine REALTOR of the year. As the entire room stands, recognizes their passion and enthusiasm. The annual meeting schedule for the 2020 Maine State REALTORS convention.

The stories, the technology, the trade show where someone tells you what you need to stay competitive in the real estate industry.

The last day breakfast where prizes are drawn and the loot from 50-50 tickets for numerous good causes from RPAC to local legislative initiative. The Maine real estate state convention for another year winds down. But not before one last session for three credits good toward renewal of your Maine real estate license are gleaned. One more session to hunker down, learn a lot, say good bye on the run. To grab your suitcase to head back to the real estate beehive. Renewed, refreshed, re-energized.


I’ll let you know how this year’s cyber, virtual Maine state REALTOR convention goes.

Not quite the same but better than nothing. And it’s up to us to make it something worthwhile and memorable. This year the Maine REALTOR convention is coming to every town and the handful of cities in Vacationland. There is no excuse for missing out and not attending when everyone connects online for back and forth education.

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Comparing notes, sharing experiences, getting up to date on the state of affairs in the Maine real estate industry.

That’s the meat and potatoes of what REALTORS do best in this large, spread out New England Yankee colony. Just this year, no door prizes, dancing, hospitality suites to unwind after a long day of real estate education. Miss getting across the state of Maine heading to and from the past MAR State REALTOR Association annual meetings.You learn about the other REALTOR’s famlies, their office practices, and meet new agents, say good bye to old friends that drop away from the flock wearing the “R”, the hardest working letter in the entire alphabet.

Sampling the fall foliage in Maine is one of the perks heading to past state REALTOR association meetings.


The story telling about Maine real estate market experiences and work arounds during the coronavirus and brisk listing sales won’t be quite the same from this distance away from the group.

But all signed up and hot to trot and learn from the online free of cost Maine state REALTOR convention. This year’s Maine Association Of REALTORS convention is beamed into our home base real estate offices. All the education flowing through the fibre and some thin air wireless for the virtuall ZOOM meeting online remote meet up for the next few days!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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