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Tourist information centers in Maine, those traveler outlets are valuable for real estate lead generation.
MOOERS REALTY produces 4000 realty brochures at a time to use in an area information cover to get the word out about Northern Maine. The property listings on the brochures  give a good mix of the available real estate available. A powerful glimpse into the local small town Maine community flavor surrounding the properties for sale. Printed advertising sticks around, follows the traveler. Gets passed among others in the mood to own a piece of Maine. We use the same printed realty brochures as vital pieces in our direct mail campaigns too. houltonmaine100

Maine has seven primary tourist information centers.

And being a member of the Maine Tourism Association means access to more all the bureau outlets through out the year.
Trade shows, exhibitions, distribution beyond just the stop at the tourist information centers helps make our phone ring often, the email server to glow bright red. In the all important marketing of our area, the properties for sale in Maine. It is all about the reach, the frequency and the far from home exposure. That better go way way beyond just the local terrain in the real estate listing and community information relay of information.

How did you find us? Answers to that question tell us a lot. Are the best indication on what works best attracting potential buyers of Maine real estate. Our primary job is collect priced right property listings and to develop the helpful tools to simplify and enhance the buyer’s experience of finding the perfect property listing. To make that user experience (UX) as pleasant as possible. Quick, easy, memorable works so well in our Maine property matchmaking. To bring the buyer together with the seller of a Maine real estate listing.


The Maine tourist centers are located in my hometown of Houlton Maine, and scattered around this vast state dubbed “Vacationland”.

We contact the tourist centers in Calais, Fryeburg, the two north and south in Hampden, the ones in Kittery and Yarmouth om a regular basis. To make sure the supply is fresh and plentiful. So the tourist shelves for the property brochures for Northern Maine real estate are racked and stacked. For the grab and go when tourists land and use the facilities. When they are in the fact finding mode in the search, the scan of the tourist information shelves. The bins and attractive print displays all arranged to make finding what they need easy.

I talked this past week with Lois in Hampden and Chuck in Fryeburg who both echoed each other. Almost word for word. Saying lots of Maine travelers to each of their respective centers ask for “do you have anything that shows real estate listings” to sample the local property inventory? That they can hold in their hand and take back to their home town out of state. The pair agree the rural location property listing prices are no longer a secret. The word is out.

Sometimes the request for real estate brochures is because the vacation in Maine is going well and the tourist is toying with making an investment in property. Other times, the inquiry for real estate information statewide in Maine is because a friend or relative or fellow employee back home, out of state makes the plea to please bring back brochures on what is for sale, what does it cost. Be the relay to get me some hard in your hand real estate information to study. The brochures on real estate do that quick and easy. They stick around, literally are on the shelf in a person’s home out of state while they get ready to make the purchase they dream about that grows stronger if it is meant to be.mainecanoers2

This past year especially the Maine tourist are realizing the further inland you go away from the coastal sections the lower the property price tags read.

Get more Maine land for less and leave behind the crime, traffic, impersonal living in a large population center. That’s the conclusion that our real estate buyers have learned searching the what’s for sale in the rural small town settings that Maine is full of to explore.

Being a partner with the local motels, innkeepers, lodges, restaurants and anything to do recreation wise all helps our real estate business. The local economy too. If the tourist information seeker is enjoying his or her stay in Maine, we have found a good percentage of them will be back for a piece of property to make their own. So they can own a chunk of Maine to call their own, to pass on to loved ones. Putting their name on a deed to property in Maine is a strong urge the craziest life in the populated areas becomes.

We also help find them seasonal or longer term rental properties to extend their stay in Maine. That’s another teaser way to get the bug to own Maine property into the system of the buyer. The state of Maine tourist information outlets are invaluable to our marketing plans from our Houlton realty office. They help us move lots of picture / description brochures that get printed on a regular basis around the four seasons. brochure

Here’s our link to the Maine Tourism Center that we find is an important piece of our real estate marketing puzzle.

Everyone who lives in Maine is an ambassador to this great state up in the right hand corner of the country too. The state that sits smack dab on the Canadian border with our cross the line cousins. We know as tourism partners the need to pass the tourist back and forth. That together we have something very special to promote as tourism partners. Check out a recent trip to PEI Canada to prove the point on a personal level.
What we show and tell on videos, print online in blog posts and place on our real estate websites is absorbed and retained. The want to move out of the city urban real estate buyers need to follow those big blue evacuation dots to leave the bright lights, high cost of living that they desperately want to put behind them in their rear view mirror.
Maine vacation property listings, just land is sought after big time.
Some real estate buyers have a connection to Maine. Many have not ties or hooks into them beside the warming up to the attractive low real estate prices. All this four season wide open space that is not the norm in higher population centers where 8 our of 10 people are forced to live. houltonmainewinter
As a Maine tourism association partner since 1976, MOOERS REALTY also takes time to high light local community events in the Houlton Maine area.
Like this one on Moosestompers, a winter carnival celebration for the family. And for another very worthwhile event, the State Of Maine Soap Box Derby Race held in Houlton, Aroostook County. Will be adding the spring Meduxnekeag River Race event details too as an attraction and just a few more of many reasons to travel to Aroostook County Maine, the gateway to Atlantic Canada. Discover Northern Maine!

When you love where you live, work and play it is a piece of cake to brag up the four season surroundings. The Maine tourist information centers are a big part of our real estate property listing buyer lead generation. We love listing and selling the Maine properties that folks want to invest in. For relocation, the move to Maine. Or just for seasonal use, for those vacations through out the year whenever they can squeeze them into their hectic overbooked schedules. You need a vacation to unplug and recharge in Maine. How about a simple lake or river camp to get you before radar for a spell?kiosk template

“Life is no fun if it is just work, work, work and nose to the grindstone a labor chasing the almighty dollar. Find out more about Maine, the way life should be. MOOERS REALTY welcomes you to Maine.”
We’re at your service to help out on your fun filled stay! The tourism information center’s friendly staff are all pretty high about the state of Maine.
Events, festivals, local favorite hang outs and a slew of areas to discover on your trip to Maine.
They are all full of helpful local insider suggestions to point you in the right direction and to save you time and money! It’s not just a job but a passion promoting Maine. And it’s why they give out directions, hand over the maps and share suggestions on how best for the traveling tourist to spend their precious time in Maine. No matter where in this seven plus hour tall New England state.
Print is not dead and just used differently to support and enhance our other real estate platform websites, blogs, video channels and social media outlets. See you on your next trip to Maine for whatever the attraction that pulls you in this direction!

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