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So the time has come, for you to start your search for Maine waterfront homes.

Maybe used as a camp, cottage for now. Until the golden retirement bell goes off in a few years. As you ease into being off the clock. Chasing the dollar. maine lake photos

Possibly just a Maine waterfront property without the buildings, structures, improvements.

That’s the plan.

To use when the time arrives to build from scratch.

The ground up, side to side. To get what you want. Not someone else’s nightmare to tame.

Making changes to existing Maine waterfront properties can be expensive, stressful.

In the undo, redo, make do. Throwing good money after bad. And shoreland zoning in Maine, is not going to make it easier to modify and get what you want.

 Maine is and should be very protective of the shoreline, the wildlife. What swims in or lands, takes off from the top of that Maine lake.

If Maine fish could talk, they would gurgle they don’t like weed and feed, steep crew cut lawns, presure treated  docks.

moose bath pond photoMore on Maine shoreland zoning.

Maine loons would chime in about fast boats. Start to stutter,  to sputter.

Getting wing flapping agitated. Worked up.

Explaining how it messes up the nesting on islands, in protective coves.

That rocket boats, jet skis  and wildlife don’t mix so well.

Balance, moderation and being a good steward comes with the responsibility of every listing, property on the Maine waterfront.

Roadways not built right and driveways with paving wreak havoc with the natural Maine waterfront setting too. It is not natural and soil erosion causes all kinds of problems. The vegatation growing outfront because of it.

Dirty water high in phosphorous is hard to use with gills. You try it, breathing under water in anything less than crystal clean, cold oxygenated water. Not so much fun, easy huh?

Price range, location, special needs of the Maine home on the water.

The vacation get away, the 2nd investment property to hang your hat. Or rent out until you need it full time. To hog all your own. For four season Maine lake living, being parked next to the recreational rich H20. lake sunset maine photo

It’s not like this many places. Maine is space.

Low cost property listings, real estate.

So that Maine waterfront home, check out the videos.

Ask some questions. Learn about the various lakes.

What fish are in them, where the boat launch is or maybe you won’t need to use it.

If you own Maine waterfront property provides for easy in and out.

Do you need a first floor bedroom for yourself or a mother in law that is not so fond of stair steps?

Like a big shop to putter, restore cars, build boats, do work working? Or that is the staging area for all the updates to the place on the water. Where cabinets are made, trim is angle cut for the dove tail fit of the crown moulding.

Need year round access easy with a public road. Or hidden away on an island, hard to get to cove that will stay that way? By boat the easiest way to get to the home sweet waterfront home. Or driving on the ice in the winter when the water hardeneds up. If you dare.

Less neighbors.real estate vending machine photo

The drawback to some being a plus, protection for others.

Who like it just the way it is thank you very much.

Big pond, little puddle, large lake like East Grand Lake?

Just a simple Maine camp? Or something pretty fancy with the granite counter tops, multiple bathrooms?

Massive field stone center fireplaces, a wall of angled polarized glass?

Lots of questions but we need to know to help filter through the offerings of real estate listings. To find the best of the bunch to consider for Maine waterfront properties. 

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