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Maine Moose, House Cars Even Get Along

Maine has four seasons, and being outdoors year round is the plan.

To fill your lungs with fresh, clean air. To enjoy, eyeball the natural unspoiled setting that is so varied in a state as big as Maine. To try your hand at a slew of Maine outdoor recreational options. Limited only by your Maine Moose, House Cars Even Get Alongimagination. Folks in Maine don’t hibernate winters either.

Because Maine temperatures are not stifling, the humidity is not making you feel like passing out.

When you are lucky enough to be outside the weather is pleasant. More on Maine weather explained.

So if living in the fourth lowest crime state, Maine, lucky you. It’s safe to wander around, explore, discover the nooks and crannies of Maine that make Vacationland so special, unique.It’s comfortable temperatures and lack of crime improves your relaxing. You don’t need a taser in Maine to protect your personal safety.

Lower population levels, 44 people per mile in southern Maine, 11 in the same square mile in Aroostook County means you don’t run in to many folks.

But the ones you do meet are friendly. Will help you out, do you a favor. They smile, nod, say hello and are pleasant. Mainers have plenty of elbow room. Are not out to bother anyone and it’s vice versa from our neighbors, local community citizens. Even our wildlife in Maine get along as the image above shows. Respect for others creates an atmosphere of easy living without judgement. Respect for our area, others in it is a big component of the Down to Earth atmosphere. Simple living is less complicated and fuller, genuine, richer.

Maine’s history includes rural small town living which means woods, farming, coastal fishing industries are a big part of day to day life.

Maine Farming A Big Part Of Vacationland Life.They still are and all involve logging in some serious outdoor time. Nothing wrong with warming your bones by a blazing fireplaces, a cherry red wood burning kitchen stove. Maine camp fires and get togethers for family and friends under the stars with a crackling blaze. There is something very healthy and natural about being outdoors and sharing it with others in the small Maine rural communities.

Get out of the canvas folding chair with the drink holder. Mainers would rather be hiking a trail, on a frozen lake ice fishing, cross country and down hill skiing. Or on a four wheeler exploring ATV trails, sailing across a lake. Swimming in it to cool off and get some healthy exercise. Hiking up Mount Katahdin and other trails puts you closer to Nature.

Spring gardens get planted as the seed catalogs arrive.

Folks in Maine have huge lawns too. It’s like haying I guess and a carry over of days where everyone lived on the Maine farm. That beautiful lawn shows you loud and clear the fruits of your labor. And the respect you have for the property that lawn surrounds, that you and I worked hard to buy, improve, raise a family in. Kayaking, canoeing Maine’s rivers and streams, swelled from winter snow run off is another sign spring is here.

Summer is fourth of July celebrations, outdoor lake grilling, biking back roads, walks at night under the stars, the full moon.

Up early to brew some coffee and get out on the lake, pond or oceanfront to cast a line, fish. Or just See Maine From A Summer Back Road Jeep Ridefloat, bob along in a brightly colored kayak. 70 degrees is the average, comfortable summer temperature in Maine.

Sailing and hearing only the wind or water skiing behind a boat, all are variations on a Maine waterfront theme.  You would not be enjoying that tradition if it was swealtering hot or blizzard cold. Maine temperatures are just right and if you are cold during the winter months, early spring and late fall, your wardrobe needs an overhaul.

Camping on Maine’s many islands, kids catching fire flies, cooking on an outdoor fire creates the perfect setting for figuring out life.

When you hike Mt Katahdin at Baxter Park, or are on Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park, the setting blows you away. Taking in the 360 degree panoramic view is spiritual, hitting you deeply.

Maine is outdoor living all four seasons! Low cost, no cost recreation abounds under sunshine and blue sky days.


Maine Has 2500 Lakes To Explore, Fish, Boat.Fall means harvesting crops and youth working on Maine farms. Blueberry raking, potato picking, broccolibox packing. Apple picking from orchards, farmer’s markets with natural home made goodness and no artificial perservatives.You buy the farm to table from friends and neighbors in Maine.

Cooler mornings and evenings when the sun disappears but warm weather afternoons to gather in the bounty of the Earth.

Maine hunting trips to woods camps. Biking, hiking, getting your winter supply of wood lot logs to split, stack, store.

And the back drop of it all the fall colors of Maine’s famous foliage. Where Jack Frost and Mother Nature join forces, tag team for an explosion of color. A “second bloom” I call it. Comfortable happens when you don’t think about the weather and it’s not a concern. I guess I am pretty much heat intolerant. I prefer cool not tongue hanging out hot where I have zip for energy. Work ethic goes down the tubes when the temperature combines with humidity for me.

Maine Snow Sledding To Local Diners, Hitting The ITS TrailsWinter is a white blanket of new snow and all the options to play on it.

The coldest winters are the ones Maine gets little snow. Open winters that the landscape is bare and not “backed with snow” is not the type you enjoy as much. Plenty of white fluffy snow falls are the most beautiful. Snow helps winter recreation which puts money in the local small mom and pop business coffers. Why are the winters in Maine with snow better to experience than the ones with no white stuff? Because Maine winter snow acts as an insulator, wind break. Snow sledding on Maine’s 3500 miles of snowmobiling trails means we look forward to flakes in the forecast. More on snow sledding Maine trails. Here is a Maine winter snow storm and the digging out, back to normal that resumes pretty quickly. Watch the Maine snow storm video!


Maine snow.

We need it to cross country and down hill ski. To play pond hockey. To strap on some snowshoes and head to a remote Maine wood’s camp.

Local small Maine towns have fierce pride for their basketball, hockey teams too and winter games help keep the season moving. Being on the Canadian border means trips across the boundary to leave the country for a little jaunt, something different without having to spend a wallet full of money.  Maine, she’ll grab your heart, give you an offer you won’t want to refuse. Come for a day, stay a life time. Maine is the way life should be. Get here quick as you can.

Watch our Maine community local area videos on our You Tube Mooers Realty Channel. See how the weather in Maine, our climate is well suited to the four seasons of Vacationland.

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