Maine, You Can Stop Smiling Now.

farm barn geese ducks photo

Be prepared to be seduced, Maine is like that.

Without flash, spin, arm twisting, she is drop dead gorgeous. She tugs at your heart strings. One by one grabbing a handful with a playful way of gaining your undivided attention. And you don’t mind in the barn geese ducks photo

The space of Maine and being sparsely populated is part of it.

So is the attitude of be a good steward. Don’t mess up the surroundings that you pass on to the next generation of loved ones.

And keep it simple, make it about Maine family, community rings loud and clear too.

The eye candy of Maine… the small towns and back woods, waterfront and friendly people. Their animals, community events covered in a one frame at a time capture. Those images of Maine speak volumes and say it all.

You come to Maine for all she is that excites and the long list of what she does not have.

Traffic, crime, noise and pollution are not the calling cards that attract anyone to Maine. Those and more elements of urban areas are why folks plan and scheme to get here as often as they can.

For vacations first, then the actual full or part time move, relocation to Maine. To settle down, relax and catch their breath. Then pitch in and become a part of the social fabric. To contribute and gain the rich satisfactoin of being part of Maine local community events.

 So don’t just be ooh and ahh excited.

La la la speechless because of the low real estate property listing in Maine prices. No no, come meet, greet and talk with the people. two seacoast ladies photo

Tramp, explore, discover the nooks and crannies of Maine first hand.

Not drawing conclusions based on folks out of state that come off as experts.

That often you find have never set foot in Maine.

And like the flak Columbus got about the Earth is flat not round, see first hand. Maine, the way life should be. We do our own thinking. It is quiet enough to hear yourself think, to collect, sort out your thoughts in Maine.

I love where I live and am a huge fan of Maine. More than just my job to share what it is like in Maine. For so many reasons, the appreciation of Maine grows more intensely. By listening to outside buyers and sellers of Maine real estate. Who don’t hesitate to explain how lucky we are here in Maine and why.

Sharing experiences living, doing time outside Maine, below the big green bridge that crosses the river from New Hampshire into New England’s Vacationland.

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