Making Your Maine Home More Valuable, Sell For More.

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The time has come to sell your Maine home and how to make it worth more you ask the agent, broker.

For a bigger net proceeds bottom line property sale figure on the real estate HUD-1 settlement statement. Surprisingly, the most important improvements revolve around housekeeping these way fun maine photo

A clean Maine home for sale is a beautiful situation.

Odor free from strange, sharp sour smells. Of over flowing garbage and cat boxes.

And well lit, uncluttered. Ship shape and tidy. With a quick possession date. Easy opportunities to show for walk throughs of qualified Maine home buyers. Ready to buy.

All puts your Maine home head and shoulders above many in the house herd. Plenty that are lived in too harshly. Some looking like community centers and flop houses. Prison conditions when the inmates storm the guards kinda appearance. When the guys in stripes turn the tables, take control over the crow bar hotel.

Often the Maine home decline happens because no money for repairs. The reason for the shabby look, stark lack luster conditions. Divorce aftermath. Someone got sick, died, lost a job.

The wrong renters, tenants in the Maine home that just don’t care can trigger a foreclosure. Don’t want to move either. To be out on the streets again looking to crash and trash another pad. To make it too look ridden hard, put away wet. That nobody wants the keys to the front door if you gave them to them for free.

So before you start writing checks and a long list of charge expenses for lots of home improvements, stop.

Just because you always wanted to do this, this and that to the Maine home thinking has to be buried.

Forget that list now. You are selling, moving on remember? And plowing that hard earned money into the place can be all for nothing. Pleasing you but not helping the sale. You need guidance that is based on what horsing around photohappens in your local Maine real estate market.

To connect the right set of dots.

What is worthwhile, what is lost in the shuffle in the Maine home sale?

Every market for property sales is slightly different.

And factors within the market add more twists and spins to consider. To see, recognize and take steps in the right direction to help not hurt the Maine real estate listing sale. From horsing around and wasting precious time.

Getting from property listing to the Maine home sale closing quickly is the key. Because a home seller’s life is on hold. In limbo waiting until that purchase and sale agreement is signed. And steps, dates can begin to be worked out to get on with life in the plan making. To get from A to B as easily, profitably as possible for the home owner.

So, balance in the clean, uncluttered Maine house that needs small touches in many places.

To tighten it up. Because any house is like your car before you are ready to trade and upgrade. Road weary and needing tightening up. Because the cleaning out the gravel, touching up the dings and scrapes.

To make it maine farmers museum photolook more appealing. Even though model year, mileage also come into the consideration.

Beyond the first impressions from the buyer or trade in car dealership people.

New bathroom vanity and lighting can do wonders to a Maine home on the market looking for buyers.

So can replacing the three broken windows. Adding a couple new house shutters to replace the ones hit by the line drive by the neighbor kid on steroids. Playing a heated, loud baseball game one Saturday afternoon out back with the area kids.

New fresh mats or scatter rugs in the kitchen, new towel set and shower curtain in the bath. Along with replacing the missing door knob to one bedroom closet. And the door itself in another bedroom because of the hole. The one no one in the family seems to know how it got there.

Missing stairway bannister posts like teeth that checked out of a smile  toe nailed into place.

Gum drop shurbs out front the Maine home no longer that cute size. Are soap box derby car photoovergrown and past due to be removed.

To open up, show the pretty home hiding. Behind the bangs, vegatative curtain of out of control hiding the house cedars.

Marketing the property, dialed into the best way today with the Maine home is key.

And pricing, weighing  the place, the property value  realistically.

Going in, upfront can make for a bigger return on the Maine home sale. Because telling your friends you are the home owner who is motivated to sell. But packing the price with extra fat, wiggle room and leaving it parked there for years means shelf life, rust happens.

Visual mold that buyers watch grow as the Maine property listing stays on the real estate market on and on.

Too long for too much. And then the pendulum swings from “I don’t have to sell” indifference. To “just dump it, move it out quickly”. For whatever you can get desperation to make it go away. Panic mode entered.

That handling, approach causes a Maine home sale for less than it is worth because the egg timer stops, bell sounds.

No more time. Anything will sell if realistically priced, marketed aggressively on the open market with care and attention to make the best impression possible.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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