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The Story

What’s To Share, What Can Be Said About Central Aroostook County’s Mars Hill Maine?

The Mars Hill mountain in your backyard is not something many small Maine towns can boast. And early settlers took an axe whack at the tall pines used for ship masts growing large and tall on Mars Hill Mountain in the easily years. The town of Mars Hill website adds more, says it best covering the beat on the early history of this border town.mars hill community

The B & A railroad in 1892 began helping open up the markets for potatoes that grow very well in the fertile farm soil around the Mars Hill countryside. Lumbering was a big shot in the arm for the growth of Mars Hill after the messy business of the Civil War concluded. The area’s education in Mars Hill is handled efficiently by MSAD 42. Go Central Aroostook Panthers!

The first religious organization in Mars Hill town was the East Ridge Sewing Circle.

Canadian Hezekiah Mars from the St. John River Valley is who the town is named after. He and his son lived in the area three years, sailed across the pond to England and thereafter this unorganized territory with the mountain became knows as Mars Hill. Don’t argue with anyone, but many believe Mars Hill Mountain is the first place the sunrises in the USA. Hope no one from Eastport Maine is reading this or getting their knickers in a knot over the claim.

The Mars Hill Maine population is 1493, the town established in February 21, 1867, the zip code 04758 and the average elevation 607′.

Big Rock Ski Area on Mars Hill Mountain is 1749′ from top to bottom and is salt and peppered with 28 wind generators, broadcast/cell towers. Established in 1960, when lit up for night snow runs, it is pretty special to witness on a winter night driving US RT 1 through the area. Chair lift rides or hikes up the mountain in the fall are spectacular too and Mt Katahdin, Maine’s highest mountain can be seen some 120 miles away at Baxter State Park.

The first saw mill established in 1856 at Rocky Brook Settlement, lumber came first, then potatoes, then military spending when Loring Air Force Base set up shop for peace keeping with B-52 war planes to the north in Limestone Maine. LAFB was closed and moth balled in 1994 when the SAC base was repurposed.

Truck brokers, transportation for loads to deliver to the market or to fill up the empty space on the back haul return trip. Mars Hill Maine has got you covered six ways from Sunday when talking truck driver transportation for frieght as the hub with several brokers. Take a break, walk over to Al’s Diner, Subway, a local eatery while one of the many capable truck brokers finds you a load to haul and gets the paperwork all typed up and put in order.

mars hill schools sad 42Tour the Pineland Farms Potato facility in Mars Hill (formerlly Naturally Potatoes) if you have the chance.

Take a drive around the local Mars Hill farms countryside with all the scenery views.

Or make sure you have your pass port but don’t miss crossing over into New Brunswick Canada. Being a border town has its perk and provides an International flavor to your vacation visit.

Plus the discounted Loonie and strong American dollar helps your purchasing power in the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

Always be on the look out for a public supper for a chance to eat and meet the natives of Mars Hill Maine.

The Central Aroostook Panthers have many sports contests to hoot, holler and cheer for the home team from the bleachers too.

Or head up to the Aroostook Center Mall in Presque Isle and to sample local restaurant menus, take in a movie, wander through Lowes or to get an ice cream at the take out window of Houlton Farms Dairy, Aroostook County’s pride and joy milk products distributor since 1938. The ITS snow sled and ATV trail system brings you right through downtown Mars Hill Maine. One of the best ways to see “The County”.

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