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Welcome to historic, friendly Mars Hill, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

Everyone has a different definition of fun. And depending on the day or season, the list of what to do for fun in Mars Hill changes. mars hill communityDefinitely in winter, Big Rock Ski area is one venue to visit. Down hill snow skis are strapped on to carve and maneuver the moguls. Or take the family trail if black diamonds are not your idea of a challenge. Or rent a tube and slide, laugh and then hook up for the pull back up the north side of Mars Hill’s Big Rock Mountain.

There is live music entertainment upstairs in the ski lodge and equipment rental if you forgot to pack your equipment. Watch a Big Rock Ski video. Have you ever tried snow boarding? It’s never too late and ticket prices are family friendly. Join the ski team and compete on Big Rock! 

The Mars Hill Community Golf Course offers a blend of sink the white ball golf challenge with incredible long views as you play the links.

The golf course to the north of the ski area on Mars Hill Mountain is one of the prettiest in Maine. You also are about as close to being in Canada as you can get because both the ski area and golf course are pretty handy to New Brunswick’s International boundary. That’s what those white pick ups with the green stripe on the sides are for that you see on the highways and back roads of Aroostook County.

The SAD 42 school system has lots of activities to keep youth fit and trim and for the communty to enjoy watching our youngsters grow up in a small Maine town. 

Head into the town Of Mars Hill Maine. Central Aroostook County is the home of potato and grain farmers. Attend a local Rotary meeting. There are lots of woodlots that create jobs keeping them selectively cut with logs hauled to the mills too. The local potato processing plant offers lots of value added meal time items. Naturally Potato is another employment source in Mars Hill Mountain.

And truck brokers (air horn toot toot) if you need a back haul good buddy.

Listen up. Turn down that Hank Williams song on the XM or eight track. You got your ears on? 10-4. Drop the landing gear anchor in this Central Aroostook County friendly small town. Mars Hill Maine is a truckers transportation hot spot for loads for the flat beds and reefers. Whatever you tow behind the tractor trailer truck with the west coast mirrors in cab over or conventional model design.

Plenty of local restaurants, Al’s Diner is probably the oldest in Mars Hill.

There’s even a hotel, an IGA for grocery store items, Katahdin Trust Bank for spending cash, a gas station to fuel your snow sled, atv or vehicle with a Subway tucked in back at the fork between US Rt 1 and US Rt 1A that splits in Mars Hill. Hit the recreational trails. The main artery ITS-83, an old Bangor and Aroostook Railroad track bed, helps getting around to be quick and easy. Head west into the great north woods of Aroostook County.

There are wind generators along the Mars Hill Mountain ridge too that blink red in unison.

Seeing Big Rock lit up at night is a neat sight as you drive through Mars Hill Maine coming or going in “The County”. Welcome to Mars Hill Maine. Centrally located and parked on the Canadian border just the other side of Mars Hill Mountain.

 Visit the Mars Hill Maine Hansen Library.

mars hill prestille streamHead up to The Forum to indoor public ice stake or an outdoor swimming pool in Presque Isle are other fun options for a little exercise to work off that big meal sampled somewhere in your Northern Maine travels. Attend Potato Feast Days in Fort Fairfield or the town’s Blue Grass Music Festival.

Prestile Stream dam, sharing the Main Street with the neighboring town to the south of Blaine.

There are lots of back roads to explore. Just make sure you stay on this side of the US / Canadian border crossing or the men and women driving the white pickups and SUV’s with the green US Border Patrol stripes will be wanting to ask you some hard questions. Just doing their job! What a super job assignment to live, work and play in Northern Maine.

Farms, big ones. Wood’s operators, truck brokers, the ski area, golf course. Lots to share about the pretty location but also the friendly people that make Mars Hill sparkle.

MOOERS REALTY will keep adding to this what to do for fun suggestion list for the Mars Hill Maine, central Aroostook County area.

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