Monticello – How To Get Here


Welcome To Historic, Friendly Monticello, Maine!

How To Get Here

Some Maine towns are hidden and hard to locate.

Or even give easy directions to a stranger who rolls down his car window looking for help. Monticello Maine is a piece of cake to find because it is located on the US RT 1 main artery to Aroostook County. US RT 1 Splits the town in half north to south.

Don’t speed, it’s patrolled heavily. You thump thump cross a large bridge in Monticello before heading up a hill on US RT 1 leaving town. Monticello Maine has a US port of entry from New Brunsiwck Canada at the end of the Fletcher Road. There are no airports, train stations, taxi services in Monticello Maine. But Cyr Bus Lines serves Aroostook County with daily passenger service runs.

Or head in by lowering your landing gear on a private plane or commercial silver bird that lands at PQI Presque Isle’s Northern Maine Regional Airport.

Lots of vacationers come in from Canada and we’ve been know to sample eastern Atlantic Canada vacation venues along with the four hour trip to Quebec City the other way west into Canada our Maine neighbor.

Snow sled, motorcycle, four wheelers are another slower but memorable way to tour Aroostook County on the way through Monticello Maine. Monticello borders the Canadian province of New Brunswick. There is a US port of entry for customs and immigration on the Fletch RD in Monticello Maine.

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