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Welcome to historic, friendly Monticello, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

The Monticello Fish And Game Club and Russell Rock, The Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snow Sled Club in Littleton to the south are two Monticello Maine downtown photosources for entertainment. Sliding winters on the big hill heading into the fish and game facility gives exercise and laughter to local families too! Heading into Harvey Siding to the east opens up the unorganized territories of the Great North Woods. The snow sled and ATV four wheeler trails are one of the best ways to see natural beauty that is not easily accessed by car.

Sporting camps leased from large old name and paper company holdings are like being at Disneyland without all the people.

It is truly like owning hundreds of thousands of acres of recreational land all to enjoy all by yourself. The Whispering Pines Camp Ground is located on the shores of Conroy Lake in Monticello Maine. Come by trail ride or using public highways to enjoy food from Monticello’s Blue Moose Inn on the South end of town visible from US RT before heading down hill into the center of town.

The Monticello Country Store has grocery items, take out or eat in fast food items and gas. It’s located across from the Monticello US Post Office using zip code “04760”. Ever made it up to the Coyote Club out in the burbs of Monticello Maine?

Touring the local farms, exploring the trails up into the woodlots and just taking rides out the East and West Road that have elevation and amazing views into Canada and out over the Great North Woods. That is fun and keep an eye out for wildlife. Conroy Lake is very deep, 108′ according to the map and a refreshment to take a dip, to cool off during the heat of summer living.

monticello town office They used to have snow sled grass races on the Brewer farm east of US RT 1 that I remember going to years ago. The Monticello Fire Department has Beano games, Frenchie Pinnette can keep your machinery welded and running like a top if you need repairs in Monticello Maine.

The cheapest Christmas trees too, pick one up from Corey Farms on the way through to strap on the top of your car with clothesline and bungie cords! Ginger Pryor is the town manager in Monticello Maine. To reach the office 207.538.9500 is your number to tap out. Or dial if you still have a rotary phone.

Wondering about Internet in Monticello Maine? The link for free wi fi and broadband connectivity options if you work remotely. If you telecommute and want to bring that employment with you and keep your current job.

Widlife, see the white tail deer especially out on the Station Road when early spring arrives. These deer love the salt deposits left from winter snow plowing along the roadways of Northern Maine and come out to take a lick. Locals sometimes leave grain, apples, carrots or other food to help the foraging over the winter months for deer and other animals. Bird feeders are very common in Northern Maine so keep the safety off your camera and be ready to be shock and awed.

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