Moving To Maine, Have A Little Nest Egg Works Best.


Moving to Maine, you finally are taking the reins, pointing the family sedan north up the pike.

Relocating to Maine full time works best if you have some savings. Because although living here is cheaper than higher insurance, property costs in the city, the income generating side of the math equation is farmbarncows2lower.

Often much less than what the property buyer is accustom to before crossing over the big green bridge coming into Maine from the south.

Living debt free is part of settling in, being in Maine.

Without debt that makes you old before your time, a giant mortgage that keeps you up nights, Maine is not about over spending.

Doing debt is not how we survive in Maine.

How we free ourselves up for enjoying living without financial worry. We raise our food, heat with wood.

Maine is all about bartering, trading goods or services too. Feeling more empowered because you do it yourself. The DIY expanding into if I can do this, maybe tackling that would not be so difficult.

The possibilities increase when the debt worries fall away, disappear. In fact, the roll up your sleeves and pitch in to do it yourself or with the help of a buddy a little more knowledgeable, the debt dries up quicker.

So moving to Maine, make sure to NOT bring along lots of debt or climb into a mountain of expensive pay back after you land oven in maine photo

Because you are in Maine. A place many only get to sample a week a year or even shorter time period.

While on Vacation whooping it up.

You don’t want to miss out on all she offers.

Most that is free or very very low cost. Just the travel gas and whatever is packed away in the picnic basket. Once you live here full time and move to Maine to make her your home.

Maine is outdoors, less people, more wildlife.

Streams to fly fish, lakes to kayak, oceans to stare out over. To hear yourself think. Or to get a heck of a deal on lobsters right off the boat at the dock. Nothing fresher than that available.

Or sitting down with the locals at a church, grange hall bean supper. Where the food is always plentiful, five star and the bill out of whack low maine blue brown land colorsfor what you feast on.

Maine is living in the moment, hiking, biking, exploring small towns, large wooded tracts.

Less people means more freedom to move about without ugly no tresspassing signs or locked gates.

Treading lightly and being good stewards, showing respect for the Maine land and water.

Because the use of anothers land to cross to get to another special place in Maine to take in mean it is a priviledge, not a right.

So moving to Maine, have some savings squirreled away.

Plan to scale it back in the spending department too. You won’t need to keep up with the Jones. They don’t live here, moved down closer to where you spend money like a drunken sailor, pirate.

Overspending to impress is not the Maine way. You reward of living in Maine is not store bought, mortgaged to the hilt. It is pitching in and becoming involved in the small Maine communities.

Bringing talents, skills and finding your place, spot in the smaller group of folks is why Maine needs you. When you make the move, feel some kind of lucky, grateful to be living in Maine full time.

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