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Relocation, moving to Maine.

The needs of someone who is selling or has successfully sold their home out of state and who is moving to a small rural Maine town. Each person wonders about the FAQ and their own special formulated list of questions. Much of the planning before the move to Maine relocation happens using videos.houlton maine aerial photo

Before everything, the desire to pick up, pack up and head out to somewhere is the all important decision.

Making sure are you ready, can you do this, are there any doubts.

Nothing is worse than developing a case of seller’s remorse letting go of your old home which often has to happen before making the move.

Lots of questions roll around in their head of real estate out of town property buyers with anxious thoughts about what should I be doing to prepare in the relocation, moving to Maine.

How do I find out about all the local information, the contact numbers, the best route to take to save time, money, aggravation. Local insider tips from someone who lives and knows their way around the community from years of experience is a valuable thing. But not if it is only shared when a real estate buyer or seller darkens the agency door. 

One of the blog post considerations in the round robin of what to share is always asking myself a question or two. What would I need to know if I was not from this area? If I did have any frame of reference or a local relative or other resource to tap into the information? I like to think of the folks using our media production products as travelers and not just tourists. Although the interest to relocate, move to Maine usually starts with a simple vacation. And then year after year returning to Maine to continue the tradition or exploring to discover all the wonder of Vacationland. 

So like a shelf in a library on local history, a resource corner with rows and rows of books, this blog post is dedicated to relocation, moving to Maine. The actual heave ho here you go. Packing, moving to Maine timetable steps of what to do and when in the relocation from far away.mainealphabet branded

But before you make the rock solid decision you are heading to Maine in the truck with the “Adventures in Moving” sticker or wearing bright recognizable brand colors cruising up the highway.

Loaded down with all your precious belongings that represent all you own. You needed to hear about the FAQ because myths about your new home town are out there. Because people have opinions on everything today. And they don’t have a filter or a governor expressing them.

Ask the expert on your new area move to Maine if they have ever lived here.

Ask for what is their experience with Maine and consider the source carefully.  Remember how they told Chris Columbus about a flat World and the trip he would never come back home to port like he was the skipper of the Titanic? I am glad Columbus and the three ship sea cruise happened because he did not buy into the grapevine chatter.

The biggest most anxious part of the entire relocation, moving to Maine experience is are you sure you want to move at all? Once you are certain this area where I live now is too crowded or unsafe or the home I own was great when there were a lots of kids living here. But your real estate needs change. The size of the home, the feature list of what is important don’t stay the same as what is the best housing solution for you TODAY.

Once you make the decision to move, it is to where that enters the thought process.

If you are retiring and need to stretch that fixed income check that arrives monthly in the mailbox or direct deposit into your bank account, it is a math exercise. To get the most for your home buying dollar. To not buy something needing lots of expensive repairs and renovations. But that ending up with a home that is where you want to be. Sure you will have to paint lots of the rooms, update a few areas in the bathroom and kitchen and wander around the yard puttering to tidy up the landscaping.mainephotoslider38

We find before the big moving truck backs in to pack you up there, so so much can be done online here.

To sort out and filter the homes for sale to come up with the best solution to your moving to Maine housing solution. The video tours let you know before you get here which ones you actually want to do a physical walk through or that get crossed off the list.

In the country or in town is one of the big decision that helps you to know which category to dive into before your actual move to Maine.

Farms are houses with land. Residential houses in town can be older Victorians or single story one floor ranch style homes. Price points make the shifting out all the listings to make a funnel that creates just the ones that would work for you and easier, quicker process.

Anything that saves time, money, frustration is a good thing right? The resources for everything from where to get a home loan, what to watch out for buying Maine land, how does owner financing work. It is all in our blog post section and thrashed and hash out thoroughly!

MOOERS REALTY loves video, we add more than just a few images and a greater number of paragraphs in the narrative on each property listing.

The local community events and each town’s uniqueness is showcased on our real estate websites. Watching them one by one helps make the moving to Maine relocation process less anxious. It should be exciting not scary. When anything has unknowns to it, that is where fear starts to grow. Where doubt starts to happen. Knowledge is power and MOOERS REALTY works hard to make sure you don’t go without area information!

Are you looking to buy or sell and is a relocation, move to Maine in the plans for you? It starts with listening on our end and you connecting from your location. Here to help when you are ready to talk Maine real estate property listings.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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