Multi Class Houlton Maine High School Reunion.

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The class to have a school wide reunion in Houlton Maine.

The Houlton Maine High School Reunion 2015 is July 4th through the 11th in the Shiretown of Aroostook County. Since September work has been going on to add events to the multi class celebration of Houlton High houlton maine courthouse photoSchool.

There will be a float entry in the local 4th of July parade.

The downtown, Market Square business windows will have displays welcoming alumni back to their home town in Southern Aroostook.

To relive educational adventures, the black and white true school colors of Houlton High School. You will be missed if you can not attend!

The Houlton Agricultural Fair running from July 2nd and 5th at Community Park are looking forward to alums too. Both far away and locals to take part in the multi class reunion celebration at Houlton Maine high school.

An alumni soccer game for Wednesday evening July 8th is in the works.

Reach out to the coach coordinator, Todd Willard, class of 1985 at .

To give him a heads up you are getting in shape, training. To let him know you want to be out of that field. On the bench to catch your breath. Part of the soccer event and to learn more where to sign up.

An Alumni Variety Show at the Houlton High School Auditorium offers great talent from your friends, family, classmates up on stage.

To learn more, be part of the entertainment, reach out to Nancy Ketch, class of 1982 at 207.532.3184. Or hunt and peck an email to houlton maine photo

This home grown Maine talent show with participants from lots of Houlton High School classes takes place on Friday night, July 10th, 2015.

Chasing the little white ball something you enjoy?

Get excited.

Become involved in the Annual Golf Scramble Saturday, July 11th.

Hosted by the Houlton Community Golf Course, means you need to start making some calls, sending out the emails.

Getting it all on to the grapevine to spread the word. To put together your Houlton High School golf teams. To make sure you play in the alumni scramble.

To relive memories of high school. With others involved in those fun times growing up in Houlton Maine. Being educated at Byrd Street. horses in houlton maine photo

The Reunion 2015 for Houlton High School is topped off with a Gala Dinner Dance at the Millar Civic Center.

Saturday night everyone home and from out of town alike will make it to the dance floor. After sampling a feast fit for a king and queen.

The feast to remember prepared by Sean Conlugue and the Elks Club Crew, no strangers to putting on a feed to remember. Remember the last multi class reunion in Houlton Maine? I do! MMmmmmm good.

It is not just the spread of food cooked to perfection or the music, the dancing. It is the folks you have not seen maybe since high school. And hearing the stories you had forgotten that you were in.

Laugh, shed a tear of classmates recently lost and feel the closeness increase.

The coming together sharing the educational experiences, stories about your favorite teachers, the success of sports teams, all of it. From your heritage, your time working toward earning the high school diploma at Houlton High School. maine ducks lake photo

Through out the reunion week of Houlton High School, a Hospitality Center will be open for people to stop in.

To get event and raffle tickets, to register for events, to ask questions.

To find ways to meet up with old classmates of HHS. Karen Donato, class of 1969 knows more about this part of the reunion. Connect with her at .

Get your ducks in order. Reach out to the others in the education pool you swam in up and down the corridors of Houlton High School.

Be part of the fun and trip down memory lane. At the Houlton High School Multi Class Reuion 2015. That takes lots of planning. In fact it started after the last one give years ago.

Don’t miss out and get involved to see what you can add to the event that is so enriching for all who make the effort to attend.

Places to stay, lodging in Houlton Maine

Places to eat, restaurants, diners in Houlton Maine.

Lots more to share and to circulate. Direct questions to and please visit the site loaded with information. The portal for Houlton High School Alumni newsand updates of the celebration plans as they unfold.

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