New Limerick – How To Get Here

New Limerick

Welcome To Historic, Friendly New Limerick, Maine!

How To Get Here

New Limerick almost has an exit on Interstate 95. If your car or truck or motorcyle is pointed north up I-95, plan to take exit 291 in Smyrna Maine by the Brookside Inn / Smyrna Plaza Motel. This yield, right hand turn onto US RT 2 will get you head east to New Limerick on your way to Houlton Maine. Besides US RT 2 in New Limerick where Cameron’s Store, the local New Limerick post office is, you can use the Ludlow Road to access New Limerick’s French Road, Town Line Road and other options to get you in and around this three by six mile township in Aroostook County.

The snow sled ITS trails, four wheeler ATV network also tie into the off road options to access New Limerick Maine. In the old days, paddling up the Meduxnekeag River was an option to move about this area of Northern Maine. New Limerick Maine has plenty of country roads to take drives and admire the local farm fields of local growers. Wood lots, long views of the countryside and the occasional white tail deer, moose or black bear can be spied with your little eye passing through the back roadways of New Limerick Maine. New Limerick Maine is a bedroom community to Houlton, Aroostook County‘s oldest town and the Shiretown, Capital of the largest county Vacationland has.

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