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New Limerick

Welcome to historic, friendly New Limerick, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

The Houlton Community Golf Course is located in New Limerick Maine. So is Crescent Park at Nickerson Lake. The Little Lake of Drews Lake is located in New Limerick Maine too. Just like Cochran Lake, Green Lake and lots of brooks, streams to enjoy. There is nothing like the waterfront in Maine to make days and nights fun. Both Nickerson and Drews Lakes have public boat launches to make getting on and off the waterfront easy peasy. Listen to lake loons as you paddle a kayak or sit in a boat fishing for your supper on a New Limerick lake.

Take a plant tour if you get a chance in New Limerick’s Louisianna Pacific USB plant. I have toured the facility with our local Rotary Club of Houlton Maine and found the experience very educational. LP is a major local employer and cheap Houlton Water Company power and a hardy hard working labor force combine to keep the plant going and growing! Take your pick from many options. Drews Lake is big enough for aprivate float plane to land and take off easily. Take the kids tubing behind a jet ski or water skiing behind a power boat. Sailing, ice fishing on the lakes are both common past times along with four wheeling, snow sledding when you hit the New Limerick town line! Hunt the trails for wildlife. Chase the little white ball at Houlton Community Golf Course. The property taxes are lower in New Limerick Maine which local home and waterfront cottage owners enjoy.

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