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New Limerick

Welcome To New Limerick, Maine!

The Story

One Well Run Small Southern Aroostook County Town, New Limerick Maine.

Get it all in New Limerick! Low cost Houlton Water Company power. It’s why the Louisanna Pacific OSB waferboard mill is spread out out on the Station Road. With the rail road tracks bringing  materials in, finished product out.

You can tee off and play 18 holes of chasing and sinking the white ball at Houlton Community Golf Course located on the pretty shores of Nickerson Lake too.

Have a bite to eat at the Lakeside Restaurant while you are at the club house in New Limerick. new limerick community page

With today’s population of 503, New Limerick Maine was settled back in 1775. The population swells with returning snow birds from the sunny south over winter so the number lies a tad.

March 18th, 1837 is when the New Limerick Plantation incorporated.

Named after an Irish town and the fact lots of the early settlers relocated from Limerick Maine in York County.

New Limerick sits under the north half 3 mile tall, 6 mile wide township of Ludlow Maine.

The zip code is 04761 and post office duties are handled by Cameron’s Store owner Doug Cameron on the corner of the Station Road and US RT 2 County Road.

The kids attend MSAD/RSU  70 schools in Hodgdon Maine. More on local Houlton Maine area school educational systems.

The average elevation terrain of this farming and lumbering community called New Limerick Maine is 390′.

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How To Get Here

New Limerick almost has an exit on Interstate 95. If your car or truck or motorcycle is pointed north up I-95, plan to take exit 291 in Smyrna Maine by the Brookside Inn / Smyrna Plaza Motel. This yield, right hand turn onto US RT 2 will get you heading  east to New Limerick on your way to Houlton Maine.

Besides US RT 2 in New Limerick where Cameron’s Store, the local New Limerick post office is, you can use the Ludlow Road to access New Limerick’s French Road, Town Line Road and other options to get you in and around this three by six mile township in Aroostook County.

The snow sled ITS trails, four wheeler ATV network also tie into the off road options to access New Limerick Maine.

In the old days, paddling up the Meduxnekeag River was an option to move about this area of Northern Maine.

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Things To Do For Fun

The Houlton Community Golf Course is located in New Limerick Maine.

houlton community golf course
Houlton Community Golf Course, New Limerick Maine.

So is Crescent Park that’s on Nickerson Lake too.

The Little Lake of Drews Lake is located in New Limerick Maine too.

Just like Cochran Lake, Green Lake and lots of brooks, streams to enjoy. There is nothing like the waterfront in Maine to make days and nights fun.

Both Nickerson and Drews Lakes have public boat launches to make getting on and off the waterfront easy peasy.

Listen to lake loons as you paddle a kayak or sit in a boat fishing for your supper on a New Limerick Maine lake.

Take your pick from many options. Drews Lake is big enough for a float plane to land and take off easily.

Ice fishing on the lakes is a common past time along with four wheeling, snow sledding when you hit the New Limerick town line!

Hunt the trails for wildlife. Chase the little white ball at Houlton Community Golf Course.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers your host and here to gratefully serve you.

Looking forward to providing the best insider local information from a native passionate about living here. Let me share what living here as a native I can offer you!

Thank you for visiting our Maine real estate website and we will work hard to show you the ropes, the lay of the land.

To give you the small town community online tour perspective the best way possible to educate and not waste your time.

You get involved living in small Maine towns. I do. You will too. You will fit in just perfectly. Proud member of the state and national REALTOR associations. Past president of the Aroostook REALTOR Council, Rotary Club, Chamber Of Commerce, the Southern Aroostook Growth Council and Drews Lake Property Owners Association. Past chairman of the Houlton Zoning Board.

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