Open Water, Lake Ice Fishing In Maine.



Open water and ice fishing Maine lakes is one big recreational past time for vacationers, locals, kids of all ages.
Some who retire to Maine just to chase trout, salmon, bass. Whatever species of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Recalling the Dr Seuss bedtime reading favorite before lights out when the kids were low to the ground and still at home. Grandparents especially talking about fish this big (arms stretched way way too wide) that got away. But not without a major league struggle to land that landmark fish on shore or in the bottom of a boat. And a whopper of a story that gets added to, past down through the generations.camplife maine ice fishing photo
The state of Maine has resident, non-resident licenses for fishing and some for aliens.
At first glance the thought of a space ship whirring down to a soft landing on iced over Moosehead, Sebago, or East Grand Lakes comes to mind. With imagery of bright Mopar neon colored marking lights rotating in mesmerizing rings, and LL Bean equipped alien life forms descending. Carrying tackle boxes, fishing nets, poles and wearing deep water waders.
Ready to fish in Maine.
Clumping down the lowering space age metal gang plank to do some fly fishing, ice or open water fishing on a Maine lake. Using a lazer rather than a Jiffy ice auger to open up the solid sheet of frozen water. I’m not telling them only five traps and keep them attended boys.
Have to ask a Maine game warden from inland fisheries and wildlife how many Area 51 type fisherman he has to check for licensing being current and the catch not being exceeded.

No individual (resident or otherwise) is permitted to fish in Maine without a fishing license. No matter what solar system or planet the angler calls his real home. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offers the permits to fish freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing license. Here is a list of complementary Maine fishing licenses for folks with head injuries, over seventy years of age, Native American and others in the citizenry.

 The open water and ice fishing derby on local Maine lakes is a serious annual event.

 Bragging rights are a sacred thing when a family member has a tradition to uphold or pass on to the next young fisherman or fisherwoman. Kids catching strike after strike on the hook and their arms hurting from all the activity landing them to keep or catch and release. That is how the love of fishing starts. Make it like dessert, with seconds, thirds and more helpings to plant the bug.maine lake photo
With kids who are “hooked’ early and learn the fun of heading out early in the morning on a Maine lake. With friends or family members that share the excitement of fishing.
The same kind of passion for hunting, being outdoors, out on the open water and spending time at camp. Hitting snow sled and four wheeler trails. Hiking, gliding on cross country snow skis.
What’s your favorite kind of fish and is it fresh or salt water when you think Maine? Here is a list of the kinds of fish in Maine lakes.
And what does getting a recreational lobster fishing license to handle five traps require? Taking a test is all you have to do.  Write a check part of the paperwork exchange too. And what about all the other kinds of fish when wetting the line, casting with a rod and reel? Or lowering the baited hook through a hole cut with a the hand or power ice auger to open up the fishing on a winter lake. Here is a list of lakes in Maine.

What’s it cost to fish in Maine?

Here’s the link that covers the A to Z on fishing license fees in Maine.

I find in real estate water front property listing sales, that when a buyer purchases on a Maine lake, they tend to just fish that body of water. The folks who buy 40 acres of land near ten lakes, have a buffet time of sampling all the waterways. Venturing out with the boat and trailer or standing along side, or in a stream and casting for fish.

I see a lot of older women that have fished for a half century or more. Many have cigars to combat the bugs in early spring. And lots are lone wolves. Fishing like they can not get enough of the sport. I see them passing their location on the way to a listing of a property or from showing something on the current market. On the return trip by, they are still at it. That’s fishing dedication. Unplugged and recharging outdoors in Maine.

I know one family that when walking became hard, the grandsons joined forces. Rigged up a walkway of boards with a railing to take their grandmother who was born to fish all the way to the back stream fishing hole behind her house.

For use anytime she wanted and the walk way was heavily traveled as her recreational therapy to pass the time of day a little closer to home because of limited mobility that reined in her wanderlust to fish all the nooks and crannys that are locked in her head as secret places.

On a Maine lake, around 5AM you hear a boat at the public landing making the launch. A group of fishermen in a tight knot huddled over and sleuthing through the fog or mist of early morning on a lake in Maine. Finally parking the boat in a spot where they think the fish will be biting the best. drews lake maine water front photo

Or slowly trolling imaginary lanes that fish finders help illuminate for the angles on the other side of the metal and rivets or fiberglass solid shell vessels for a day on the Maine water front.

I am lucky to live on a lake in Maine much of the year.

Am fixing up a rental property next to it that was purchased for over flow from the family camp as the tribe grows. The traditions and events on a Maine lake make one sweet back drop for memory making.

If you have ever thought you might like to own a place on the water front in Maine, but thought it was out of your reach financially, let’s have a little discussion.

Starter camps on a lake and working your way up to what you really dream of or making a place that is not so pretty into something that is with time and elbow grease is not a bad mission in life. To pass on to others who learn to love the water as much as you. Lots of owner financing help available to custom make a payment and advice on shore land zoning when you get to that point.

Some of the remote fishing camps in Maine that a float plane is the easiest, quickest way to access with pontoon rigged silver birds. Those can be on leased land and cheaply purchased and no neighbors. Well, except for the wildlife, the hairy four legged kind that are more curious and keep to themselves than social or boisterous. Maine water front properties can be a right of way to a launch area shared by a few. Or don’t rule out acreage that does not touch water, but is just a rock’s throw from so so many water front options.

Many water front property listings to consider the further north and into interior Maine away from the tourist trap coastal regions where price tags are nose bleed high. And properties on the water are scarce causing all those zeroes in the real estate sale prices. Let’s talk about just building on land on a lake in Maine.

They say water fixes everything, that the Maine ocean, a lake, pond, river, stream all have a soothing effect.

Calming, relaxing and the best investment for fun that you will ever make. When you are ready, let’s connect and link up online or in person. Email or text us to get the process started. Here to help if you are thinking of getting your feet wet, dipping your toe into the subject of real estate on the water front in Maine.

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