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Welcome to historic, friendly Orient, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

East Grand Lake, one major fun Orient Maine option.

But so is part of Deering Lake that is also located in the town of Orient Maine. More on East Grand Lake. Explore the wood’s trails, boat the waterways. North Lake connects to East Grand Lake too. Here is what the US Census people have to report on Orient Maine.

Snow birds from Florida live in Orient Maine … the ones that can not fly.

adams exterior6Those retirement easy living folks that have earned the right to spend time in Orient Maine on a permanent vacation. That’s a big part of the population swell in Orient Maine, Aroostook County. Aroostook County pulled away and was formed in 1839 after being under the Washington County umbrella of control.

Orient Maine was incorporated in two halves.

The east half as Orient in 1844 for election purposes. With incorporation in 1856 as Orient Plantation for the same eastern end but pulling in the west half called Greenwood Plantation too.

Confused yet? It makes perfect sense when you are a native and have lived in the Orient end of Aroostook County Maine most if not all of your life. Greenwood Plantation, the part that did not come into the fold to be consider Orient Maine became combined with what is known as Haynesville. That all happened in the year of 1876.

Township 9 Range 1 is what Orient Gore was the original name of this area of Maine parked on the US – Canadian border. 

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