Overpriced Real Estate Listings, Agents, Brokers Don’t Send Wrong Signal.

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The seller of a property listing in Maine who says he wants to sell, but wants five times what the place is worth.

That is not a motivated seller. Not an owner who is realistic. Does not make him a bad guy for having the common “buy low, sell high” approach to real estate buying and selling. But over priced property listings just bloat the system. mainefallscolors1

Get in the way on the MLS real estate conveyor belt.

Liked stalled traffic on a high speed multi lane highway, the agent, broker, REALTOR who takes the listing is the gate keeper.

If one by one each real estate professional got up, thanked the owner for their time but walked, life would be easier. Just say no, I can not help you. Whew.

To avoid real estate buyers who get upset when the bank appraiser says no dice. Too rich for the bank’s blood on taking back a mortgage for an over priced piece of real estate collateral backing the loan. The one securing the lien made on the dirt, recorded at the registry of deeds.

Not serious to sell is the signal the seller of overpriced property listing sends. Hoping a miracle happens. Someone hits the lottery and has more dollars than brain cells comes along to make the real estate miracle happen.

And chaos happens in a neighborhood where one sky high priced property listing cause unrest. The neighbors up and down the street or roadway to say if that is worth that many zero places, then mine is three times that. Who says the property listing is worth seven times it’s actual value today?

What else can go wrong, are Maine real estate seller mistakes that make getting to a property closing on time or at all?

Buyers for Maine real estate mistakes happen too! The process of listing, selling property in Maine has pitfalls on both ends of the teeter maine pizza oven photototter.

Because the process is not something done everyday by the buyer or seller of a property listing.

And like anything in life, the routine of listing, selling real estate is complicated.

Becoming more involved than ever.

Much like other industries today. Where we all reinvent the new more efficient ways we move, groove, shake and bake. Technology is one of the big reasons.

More savvy buyers and sellers that sometimes know just enough to be dangerous. Can get into hot water, to be taken in by a sharp operator. When real estate shifts from solid ground and becomes quicksand.

People are very busy and not wanting to waste time more than ever too. Because many live, struggle, are stressed with over booked lives. Have little or none to fritter away with all the irons in the fire. museum in littleton me bear photo

Expectations are set by the real estate professional who knows the current market value, the way to negotiate through the obstacle course to get to the closing.

But the entire process is flawed if the property for sale is just too much money.

Seller’s remorse happens too where the owner thinks they want to sell for a fair price. But when it comes right down to it, can not sign on the dotted line and swear this is their free act and deed to let go. To go through with the property sale.

Then waves the white flag. Surrenders and retreats back into the home with the for sale sign quickly removed. Tossed, stashed behind the garage. Because they just can not sell the Maine real estate listing afterall.

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