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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Patten, Maine!

The Story

Head north, Patten Maine, gateway to the Great North Woods.

Welcome to Penobscot County! Patten ME has a number of sporting camps. Talk about wildlife, trails to explore. There is a local parks and patten me 1recreation program. More about Patten ME, the town in Penobscot County. Just north of the Sherman exit on Interstate 95. Home of the Katahdin Cougars wearing their red colors proudly.

Lumbering is a big part of the local Patten area history.

So are small potato, grain farms. Patten Maine is the home of the successful Katahdin Trust Bank, the new Katahdin Valley Health Center facility.

Check out the Maine Lumbermen’s Museum in Patten ME website.

Patten is the Gateway to the Great North Maine Woods.

Not far from Upper and Lower Shin Pond. Handy to the North Entrance to Baxter State Park and all those trails around the 209,644 acres of all natural unspoiled scenery.

So many ways to enjoy the outdoors around the Patten Maine area.

Tramp the woods and meet the wildlife that lives there. Sporting camps to hang out at or for your friends to stay at in the Patten Maine area too. Stock up on food items at Ellis IGA on Main Street, RT 11. Who’s turn to cook supper “uptah camp in Maine” ? Have done that plenty when snow sledding the trails up around Mattagamon, across Hay Lake and in the Shin Pond Village region.

Patten Maine, Penobscot County Town
Welcome To Patten ME!

The local guides for hunting, fishing, snow sledding, atv trail riding, leaf peeking, bird watching, etc await.

To guarantee you have a memorable visit on Vacation. Or the best community living a small Maine town can offer. Get involved. You don’t just move or relocate to Patten Maine. You roll up your sleeves and are needed in the small Maine town way of life giving back to make a difference. Plenty to do in the Patten Maine area. Volunteer in the local Katahdin schools, church, local sporting trail corners of the greater Patten Maine area.

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