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Welcome to historic, friendly Patten, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

The waterways that every small Maine town depended on for early power to run the mills, to provide the H2O for it’s early settlers. Patten ME is no different. Waterfront fun, wood trails and local landmarks to explore await you in Patten ME. You are just south of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and frequent trips to Baxter State Park never get dull or lose their appeal. patten me

Dining on a plate of bean hole beans. Come meet the people in Patten ME. The best way is sitting down at a public supper at the Lumbermen’s Museum.

Or curing your belly rumble hunger with a visit to a local town fundraiser meal. For someone down and out low on their luck, or one of many tasty local church meals.

The Patten Maine area local cooks are second to none.

They all bring their best covered dish or create the most mouth watering dining fare when they team up and take over the kitchen. More from the Patten Maine town website for local information.

Local Katahdin Cougar sports teams are part of the spirited entertainment because you know the kids in a small Maine village.

The winter basketball games, fall soccer contest at home or away in nearby Stacyville are part of the Greater Patten area fun.

Kids are our greatest resource in Northern Maine communities like Patten, Sherman, Stacyville, Hersey, Moro and Mt Chase Plantation.

patten me katahdin schoolThe local Patten Maine area grade school attends this side of the road… on the left heading south on RT 11. The Katahdin area high school kids of RSU 50 get their education on the other side of the road.

The trails to hike, bike, cross country ski. Or to use something with a motor on it to carry you to places no one with a car or SUV can access. That is where you unplug and recharge. Where the wildlife live and the best scenery is available to snap with a camera.

The wild fruit and berries ripe and ready to sample in the area around Patten Maine in Penobscot County.

Get back to nature. The real kind… not the store bought spun variety. Less people means more all pure, 100% four seasons Maine. Our water is cleaner, air fresher and people way way friendlier.

The local connection is stronger. More home grown and down to Earth. No crowds, no traffic, low crime is part of the living style offered in Patten Maine.

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