Picture You, By A Maine Lake, On Waterfront Property.

maine lake dusk photo

Who in the audience would want to be parked by a Maine lake, owning and enjoying waterfront property?

Some folks have to settle for just a week’s yearly vacation with a rented beach. Launching kayaks, the kids, cousins out front of the Maine lake cottage. Or maybe riverfront, pond or oceanfront property listing. maine lake dusk photo

Making a circle of chairs for the nightly fires.

With family, friends and neighborhood waterfront camp, cottage or home owners who stop by.

Someday owning your own Maine waterfront property, a real estate listing to pass on to the next generation.

To continue the traditions of being on the water in Maine. Listening to Maine lake loons at night to put your to sleep.

And the rain pitter patter on the roof. That held off until a picture perfect day with the sunset for dessert played out. It was time for shut eye. Cause you are all played out in a good way.

Outdoors in the summer on a Maine lake property is Heaven on Earth.  

Hard to explain to do the experience justice. Wearing sandles, flip flops, sneakers or bare footing it. With tank tops, shorts and shades. Outdoor grill cooking.

But fall hunting trips, winter ice fishing or bon fire skating parties on a Maine lake are just as memorable. Make sure to remember, to feed the different Maine lake birds. That entertain you if living year round around the Maine waterfront.

You can rent out the Maine lake property when not using it maine lighthouse photoyourself.

Put it to work with the idea not to make lots of money Uncle Sam wants a chunk of but to plow back into the Maine waterfront property.

To get it payed off although enjoying the tax deduction on the mortgage expense interest, property taxes. The updates, repairs if put in the rental pool.To get it ready for your full time or part time retirement use. 

The thought that in two more weeks you are heading to Maine excites, sustains.

Getting here, clearing your schedule as much as you can while living in the hustle bustle of the city.

You need the unplug, recharge only being next to the Maine lake can provide naturally.

This Maine lake place is an solid investment. That only climbs in value. But serves as a life ring, the carrot to have something to look forward to using, visiting.

maine lake mirror photoAnd getting the heck out of the city and all the people you deal with daily. In traffic, shopping, and everywhere you turn.

But like buying a home or car, anything more than a few books of green stamps, Maine waterfront property is a big purchase item.

Think small. A starter property and maybe just land by the Maine lake, or by a river, pond, stream, brook. To park the camper, fifth wheel vacation trailer you already own on the lot. No more gypsy hauling it all over the place. Wasting plenty of gas.

Or round up family members and friends to build, construct a small simple, modest Maine lake vacation camp, home.

Where I live there are several Maine log home manufacturers. To easily get a kit that does not have to be trucked in from far away. The cedar logs grow right here in our backyard. Remember, Maine is ninety one percent wooded!

Take advantage of that fact with a log cabin by the Maine lake. maine hiking photo

Or spin by one of the local Amish settlements.

To pick out the cabin already made with your favorite color metal roof.

The open porch or simple modification choices are already in pre-built units to go.

They even land them for you on your property, land in Maine.

Lots of low cost options to a waterfront property structure should you go the just land by the H2O route please.

I have seen duplexes made with Maine lakefront properties too.

Join forces with other family members, friends in the building trades you hang with all the time anyway right?

Whatever the budget, we can help you buy a waterfront property listings in Maine by a lake.

Or something in another wet location.To have something waterfront for a perfect neighbor.

To improve your life in ways you never imagined. But are sure maine lake ice fishing photoglad you are in that chair.

On that deck.

Just look out over the Maine lake water. Or playing in it. On it. Even when iced over. Pulling something good to eat out of it.

Can you see yourself on the Maine lake, some other waterfront setting?

We sure can. It’s crystal why there is such a strong attraction when jammed in missing that experience all your life.

Make the call, let’s connect. Reach out through email, smoke signals or morse code. Message in the bottle. Courier pigeon. We’ll be watching, waiting, when the time is right.

Here to help with all your local area and real estate property questions to get you ready to rock and roll. 

Oh and more about shoreland zoning in Maine for lake property knowledge of the do’s and don’ts if you decide let’s build on that empty waterfront lot.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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