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Places to rent in Houlton Maine.

This blog post all about apartments, houses, camp rentals in Southern Aroostook, Northern Washington and Penobscot Counties. Finding a rent is not always the easiest in a small rural Houlton Maine real estate size market.

A good, affordable, available rent just when you need it most. It’s better than finding a four leaf clover for a lucky day ahead. Because now you have a roof over your head for shelter to get in out of the weather.Your family has a place to stay that is warm, clean, an affordable rent.

Places to rent in Houlton Maine, looking for a roof, four walls and a floor to lease out until you buy a house of your own?apartment house rental

“Got any places to rent in the Houlton Maine area?”

Our Maine real estate office gets lots of those calls and emails, even texts asking that simple five word combination. Got any place to rent?

The days of just opening up a local Maine newspaper to find a long printed list of fresh new rentals, places for lease has changed.

And are we talking just a small efficiency apartment or looking for an entire house? And for how long? Just a short weekend stint in the Houlton Maine area or staying way longer, like talking years and years?

A dozen kids are probably not going to fit comfortable in a one or two bedroom apartment.

And the larger the rental unit need, the what’s available thins out fast. Some renters need first floor please, no stairs in my daily diet of exercise. Dogs, cats? How many? I have had many Houlton Maine landlords says they prefer animals to unruly kids with anger issues and who like to punch holes in the sheet rock walls.

Folks with horses ask is there a barn with stables and some pasture land available? Having a garage unit or heat included is popular too. Something short term for a week or two in the summer parked on a Maine lake. Those rental requests come in fast and furious as a Maine summer approaches.

This blog post narrows it down to concentrate on mostly apartment rental units in the Houlton Maine area.

Places to rent, what’s available is pretty darn important information. To provide you the reader with a master landlord list of property owners. Local property owners who lease out living space of all apartment rental sizes.

apartment rental unit photo

This is a list of Houlton Maine rental property landlords.

 Below is a systematic list of folks offering places to stay, apartments of all sizes, prices and conditions for rent. Begin your search for places to rent with and without utilities included to find the best fit.

Call directly to know up to the minute if something new came up, to get the latest skinny. On what’s available this hour, today for rent in Houlton Maine.

In no particular special order to provide the list of landlords to run down through and come up with the ever changing list of what’s available boynthebootfor rent in Houlton Maine.

Richard Crone 207.532.4166

Eric Nelson  207.532.1900

John Harvell 207.532.6969

Sue Waite York 207.694.1514

Terry Wallace 207.532.0349

Mark Graybill 207.532.6573

Cameron Clark 207.538.0998

Amanda Willette (Facebook)

Jeff Lacombe 207.570.3050

Jim & Brenda Brown 207.532.6593 / 207.532.2187

Shirley Bartlett (Bartley Gardens) 207.318.8250

Market Square Commons 207.621.7700

Kelleran Court 207.532.3037

Ricker Plaza 207.532.3037

Hestia Heights (Reservoir Hill) 207.947.6795 / 800.639.1747 

Houlton Trailer Park 650.218.1995

Doug Callnan 207.521.0300

Steve Hutchinson 207.532.2365

Hodgdon Trailer Park 207.538.0137

Frank Salamone 401.641.7595

Clay / Janice Good 207.532.1583

Kylie / Matt Donahue 207.538.6345

Four Seasons Elderly Housing 207.532.7171

Mark Hatfield 207.532.7171

Richard Rhoda 207.532.9595

( Short Term Immediate Rental Options in Houlton Maine )

KOA Campground 207.532.6739

Shiretown Motel 207.532.9421

Ivey’s Motel 207.532.4206

Stardust Motel 207.532.6538

Brookside Inn 207.757.8456

First Settlers Lodge 207.448.3000

Tall Timber Lodge 207.532.3300

Travis / Kim Coker 719.648.9407

Check back because this Houlton Maine area landlord rental database list is continuously updated for correct names and working numbers.


To keep it worthwhile fresh and pertinent in your search for a place to rent. New, small one property landlords come and go too so reach out with a quick call or email.

Call MOOERS REALTY because some property just sold can become a rental when the new owner is not moving to Maine for a year or more.

Short term rentals in Houlton Maine come and go pretty quickly. Here to help you find a roof over your head… a rented on or one you own!

I can cue you in on other rental property leads to chase down on Maine properties we don’t manage.

Listing, selling, trading Houlton Maine real estate.

It really helps us have the inside tract, know who to call to save money and hassle after 43 years of local Maine local real estate service.

If you are a Houlton Maine landlord that wants to have your contact number added to the list.

We have apartment houses for sale too if you want to be the landlord renting out the income producing units. Lots of seasonal waterfront properties on Maine lakes that could be rented or purchased to lease out for profit too!

Maine is Vacationland and full of four season outdoor fun.

The state is beautiful and unspoiled. It is low population, no crime, friendly people who are family oriented. Maine people are hard working, volunteering at school events.

Need a work employment job in Houlton Maine to go with the apartment or house rental that brought you into this blog post?

MOOERS REALTY is here for local insider information living here as a home grown veteran. Being a life long resident of Houlton Maine helps share tips and suggestions for who to call, what other people new to the area do like a Chamber of Commerce welcome wagon.


lakefront properties maine

Two local apartment rental properties for sale videos in the Houlton Maine area embedded below as visual examples.

Remember, In small rural Maine what’s for rent is in shorter supply because house prices are so cheap.

In this small rural real estate market, it is cheaper to buy than rent. It just depends if you are able to get local bank financing or sometimes owner financing for a Maine home to buy.

Owning gives you stability and makes you a local tax payer.

Property ownership builds equity and is an investment that makes you feel more connected to your Maine community.

andy mooers realtor small

But maybe you relocated to Houlton Maine to work a year or two and have a place back home out of state that is rented out until your return. We understand and as a homeowner already, you would be an excellent renter for a property in Houlton Maine.

MOOERS REALTY does provide rental property management if you need that service. 

Usually what’s for rent is a current apartment unit property for sale that has a tenant vacancy come up while listed for sale. Or we sold a rental apartment unit property and the new landlord hires us to keep an eye on the place because he or she live out of the Houlton Maine area.

Ever thought of extended stay or Air BnB or Vrbo renting out your Maine vacation property?

Tips on how to do that best.

We find quality renters, coordinate evictions, make the calls to get repairs done. Whatever is needed to keep the tenants happy and apartment units full with folks writing those monthly rental property checks. Empty houses to rent that we list for sale in the Houlton Maine area also come up to consider. These are not usually long term and often the renter is not needing a yearly lease or longer.

Short term month to month leases can make it hairy not knowing how long you can continue to rent the place.

60 62 main st 17We understand and are here to ask one simple question for folks in that pickle. Why not start owning instead of renting a property in the Houlton Maine area?

MOOERS REALTY is here to help line up local bank mortgage financing and provide a hand up and out of the rent rut.

Don’t worry if your credit score is sagging or past life events have left you shell shot and not the best candidate for bank financing.

You are not alone and remember, banks want and need to make house loans. Together we will find a way to repair credit and get you on the road of Maine home ownership. 

But in the meantime, short term rental solutiions for the Houlton Maine area.

Is that your immediate need? Just reach out, let’s make contact to talk about places to rent, Houlton Maine apartments, houses, camp rentals. Who wants to couch surf, sleep in your car or move multiple times which is expensive and nerve racking right? Rent to own homes or houses happen too.

Motels for over a hundred dollars a night can get expensive. Not the best rental solution and are a tad cramped for space. When we’re talking a family needing a place to stay and get out of the weather. Thank you very much for reading this blog post on places to rent, Houlton Maine apartments, houses, camp rentals.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA


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