Properties For Sale In Maine | Setting Realistic Expectations

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The request for properties in Maine, we field lots of those.

Never boring and always something new to match make. To come up with the list of gotta have, don’t want maine fall colors photoin the real estate listings.

And to size up the abilities of the property buyer.

And if a bank loan is involved, what the mortgage underwriter must see done for the clear to close. 

Expectations of the Maine real estate listing buyer.

Those in the audience might think real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS try to make properties into something beyond what they are. Thinking sales, arm twisting to convince to buy is the name of the game.

Today it is all about exposure, marketing honestly and fully to save time.

To paint the picture. Video especially show and tells best. The Maine real estate for sale in the listing inventory. In broadcasting the local area community flavor best too. Nothing shows the spark of the local Maine small town way of life like video.

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And the real estate videos pan the outside, what you are looking at across the yard or street.

The same scan of a room from all angles with sound captured at the property.

As close to being there in person as possible because the real estate agent or broker is at the address.

Doing the open house on demand that videos does so completely.

So back to expectations, more than ever the presentation of real estate properties, the listings for sale is all about load it up.

Not just a few images, more than a couple lines of copy. The narrative better be distinctive to help the Maine real estate buyer set apart the individual listings.

To sort and filter to save time and eliminate the ones that don’t work.

To move up and keep in the running the ones that do. So one in particular rises to the top. For the sole property that’s is the one. Call off the search party. We’ve found the lost sheep.

But sometimes the what the property is, what is hoped for don’t match.

Even though a low price tag should tame the expectations. Shortenerd the “hope it has this this and oh yeah, that”. maine harbor boats photo

And when the low cost property listing in Maine is far far from the pack of many around it, that should be a bell rining.

To alert the other end of the real estate signal this is the straight shooting in the relay of

To stay on top of real estate information.

So what is sent, how it is received, match.

Are as close to carbon copy as we can humanly do.

So ask lots of real estate questions, study the slew of images we shoot and upload.

To tap tap and watch, listen to the real estate video channel of property offerings. We will try to load up the buffet table for the down home, help yourself.

Take seconds, thirds and more of anything that looks good for property listings in Maine.

All the other assorted blog posts, FAQ answers on real estate property listing buying and selling topics folks hunt and peck for online.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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