Puttering, Vacationing Up At Your Maine Camp.

spring flowers photo

The daily grind where you hang your hat, raise your family, chasing the dollar to make a living to advance your career.

Folks in those circles would be surprised to see the other you up at the Maine camp. Where you may not shave for a week. Dress spring flowers photowithout the Windsor knot, the hustle wearing the pin stripe suit.Your have a hammer in your hands. Swing an axe for splitting fire wood. You are quite the cook.

When you are at the Maine camp in the woods, on a lake, the ocean or on some acreage, you use skills not usually tapped.

Called for up at the place you spend most of your down time.

Retirement at the Maine camp property could be a real possibility. But the real use of the place is for a change of the backdrop.

A safety valve release.

An insurance policy. For when stuff gets pretty intense, overwhelming. Or you just look forward to heading to Maine with the family. Maybe sporting buddies, work partners in the use rotation. Who all just want, need a break from the daily grind, routine.For a little group therapy around an open fire. Sitting and nursing something hot, ice cold on the front porch.

The memories, talks had at the Maine camp with your family and friends, sporting comrades. Are one important method you find direction in your life journey. The processing of the day to day to gain understanding. So you can add in the essentials that need to be there that may be painfully missing.

Maine is four seasons, has your camp in the woods, on the water, by the river. Ready, willing, waiting. That can be bought easily with owner financing terms and next thing you know it is paid off. Free and clear happens.

The simpler the better with the Maine camp.

Because to enjoy the surroundings, less buildings, nothing fancy or glitzy helps the take away experience. Strips away the distractions. That rob. steal that are all missing.

When you are in the Maine woods, on the water or have a patch of dirt to work. A garden to get on your knees survival habit. To make something productive, rich, raw, real, lasting. There is something all natural, highly sobering, rewarding from what happens in the out in the middle of nowhere simple Maine camp setting.

When you have all you need, which is more than enough. It is best to help yourself. But with just what can squeak by with, leaving the rest for others that need a slice, a share of the bounty blessings. That all are grateful for and protect to preserve for another day.

When you are at Maine camp, there are projects too.

bull barn winter farm photoSome involving job jar items. Fixing the leak around the wood stove chimmey roof flashing.

Or leaving traps for rodents, field mice. Replacing the gutter over the front porch that is not doing it’s job so hot. Or at all.

Processing wood for the cook stove which doubles as the heat source at the Maine camp.

You plan a trip down to the spring for Maine camp or small farm property water. To stop in to the neighbor’s down the road for a visit. That wise old sage that is elderly, has a son with an illness you want to hear him talk about. To be brought up to speed and help with by being a friend in need. Mainers are connected, reach back and forth in the reach out and be a helper. Because someone did in your darkest hour. Will again too.

A sympathetic ear.

This caring fellow keeps you plowed out winters. Has a fire built and the Maine camp warm as toast when you arrive from the long drive. When you give him a head’s up you are packed to the gills. Heading north and to get the cribbage board out.

You have played your share of 15-2, 15-4 and more pegging games with him. Plus he knows, has shared the best fishing places locally and you owe him. But are sworn to secrecy about those sacred locations watering holes.

Maine camp, a place you read, take images of wildlife, relax and unwind.

It is an investment but purposedly kept simple, not complicated. So you can keep the schedule clear and not overbooked. The real joy of being at a Maine camp is allowed to shine loud and clear. A retreat to relect and gain direction in life.

No distractions except the wildlife. The better get up time to hit the maine loonswoodshed again for more Maine cabin fuel.

Half the fun of a Maine camp is knowing you are due for a visit.

That this weekend you are going up to the camp in Maine.

The folks at work, your neighbors where you live know the attraction. See it in your eyes, hear it in the stories of your deep woods adventures.

That anytime you can it is let’s get to the Maine camp and relax, recharge. That’s the plan not subject to change. Traditions, holidays, introducing new family members to the Maine camp setting. Passing it along for the future generations to have a safe hideaway to let their hair down.

Simple, low cost and in the woods. Like your check out, run away and for a few days you are in Maine, up at camp destination. It is an investment, but a recreational spot to retreat to over and over.

And to share the Maine camp with younger grasshoppers. Or rent out for a little help in the household budget when things get tight making ends meet. Is that what you want to enjoy, leave behind, the low cost Maine camp with all the four season fun surrounding it?

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