Real Estate Broker In Maine Hears Common Themes.

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Answering the phone or responding to emails sent to a Maine real estate office, common themes emerge.

Pretty quickly in the conversation they surface loud and clear. And most fall under the same category with one major heading. The one generating responses to the question “is there something missing in your life?” jeep way fun maine photo

Lack of space outside Maine is part of it.

Think about it.

If you lack space, are crowded shoulder to shoulder like sardines packed tightly.

It causes boatloads of problems in human interaction.

Too much traffic, high cost of living, no one making eye contact or displaying common manners and respect. The knot around the jugular tightens.

Everything can go to heck in a hand basket quickly when space is not at a premium.

That’s not enjoyable, lacks peace and quiet, is not simple living in Maine.


Other common themes with the walk ins, correspondence with folks looking to buy some real estate in Maine? maine lake photo

The weight of paperwork, delays of precious time where the outside of Maine real estate buyer has lived previously.

These folks ask is the regulation, permit check off list and layers of players as thick here as there?

No, no it is not in rural Maine either.

That all takes a lot of money to fuel. In Maine we don’t have money to burn.

I was in Drew Plantation Maine Friday getting the property lines figured out on a woodlot we just listed for sale.

And in the course of asking questions about the property to the town manager who wears most of the other hats in the small town of 32 people in upper Penobscot County.

It struck me as how simple life gets when all the clutter of unimportant is removed. Reducing it down to the basics is empowering. Not primitive, not regressive but grounding. maine flowers photo

Creating a foundation that is not a house of cards or heavily financed to suport is what simple Maine rural living is all about.

But so foreign, contrary to many who are plugged into the propaganda of consupmption. Sliding the plastic with the magnetic strip.

It is like having an ailment and just addressing the symptoms with medication to perpetuate it.

Instead of going back further in the causes to stop it. Removing the need for the many bandaids applied to a gunshot blast stopping the blood lost approach.

Car insurance is going to be a lot cheaper in Maine too. Because who is going to come all the way up to Northern Maine to hi-jack an older sedan with lots of miles on it for the return trip into the city? Thieves are strong on lazy.

And high priced, shiny low hanging fruit pickings for the chop shop already abound around them where they lurk now right?horses group photo

Less people, not so apt to have a fender bender and make contact with another motorist.

But winter driving can make a person a little more able behind the wheel.

Even though the Maine and local public works departments do one bang up job keeping the roadways cleared of the white stuff.

To keep things moving and grooving. Gotta get the farm food and lumber to market. The kids on the yellow bus to the sporting and musical events from school to school.

Who would be unhappy living in Maine?

In a small town it is all about family, pitching in and being part of the community. If those two areas of how to spend your time don’t appeal, rut rho.

If wanting status, to impress and be the envy drive those urges inside, keep looking. Impressing others is not what you drive or collect. It is how you treat other people in the small Maine towns around the property listing you select to buy. Make others glad you bought real estate there.

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