Real Estate Decoder Rings, Hand Me The Bone Saw.

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The transfer of information in the real estate operation where everyone is in one major hurry.

To see the newest property listing for sale. That hops up on the MLS conveyor belt. lake dusk in maine photoFor the show and tell.

But lack of information from the get go is the reason like airport luggage that goes round and round the carousel that properties linger.

And the longer the hanging around, real estate loitering, the more folks that spy it circling wonder what is up with that?

Looks okay from the outside but there must be a reason the property listing is not selling. Developing mold, shelf life. Even ten foot pole marks to appear.

What can go wrong in the real estate operation of matchmaking to find a buyer once the seller agrees to the sign being planted in the front lawn?

Plenty. But lack of information is the biggest obstacle as the buyer tries to coax it out of whoever answers the real estate office phone. Or gets the email from the agency server that should be quick like a bunny answering all the questions that pour in.

Less phone calls, fewer emails would happen if the presentation for the real estate property listing was treated like a buffet. Served up complete, hot, ready and with all the slots of the real estate cafeteria tray filled. None like the image sockets left empty.

And to round out the narrative of the what do we have here to distinguish it from all the rest, video works to fill in the missing holes, any cracks.snow woods maine photo

Video for real estate ties it all together with the actual walk through, around the property listing.

So many of today’s real estate property listings are neglected because they are not packaged, aimed for the buyer with their feet up.

Relaxing in a recliner, in their jammies with a snack and maybe the cat purring, dozing. On the aphgan curled under the laptop with the television going.

Multi-tasking happening many time zones away. For the show and tell, take me to your property, Mr Real Estate Leader.

maine bandits wildlife photoTaking the mystery out of the listings is easiest if more information is provided.

Right up front. The instant the properties in Maine for sale goes on line.

So no one is taken out on limb.

Jumps to conclusions from too skimpy or just luke warm, pretty much fat free Maine property information.

If all the real estate listings in Maine are presented to sound carbon copy alike, how is the buyer easily going to eenie meenie miney moe to pick “the one” that stands out as the best pick of the pack?

Saving time for everyone involved in the real estate list to sell is a very good thing.

But starts, finishes with complete real estate listing information that is allowed to be forward facing, not kept a deep dark secret. Or locked up in an agency file cabinet for no one to know about or to see to use in their very important real estate decision making.

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