Real Estate Drone Video Photography

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Real estate drone video photography.

Beginner sUAS pilot tips for small unmanned aircraft real estate professionals. This real estate blog post drills down into using drones for real estate video photography.

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Take It Up Up Up A Little More (But Under 400′) Using Drone Real Estate Video Photography!

Which drone camp are you in? On the sidelines thinking someday you’ll buy a drone? But wondering which one and how to weave it into your real estate marketing? Or you did go out and actually bought one. Yeah, it’s still sitting on a shelf gathering dust. When it should be put to work collecting real estate drone video photography to enhance your property marketing.

All drones for real estate drone video photography have to be registered except those weighing .55 pound or less.

You must be at least 13 years old to register one, 16 years or older to fly a drone. And these days, better hit the books for education and licensing to earn a FAA Part 107 drone airman license for commercial use.

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Real Estate Video Shows, Lets Your Buyer “Feel” The Property Location Of What’s For Sale!

You need lots of FAA pilot in command training and education for flying your real estate drone.

To learn about airport sectional charts, METAR weather reports, dew point spreads and class A through E controlled airspace. Can you fly in an MOA you ask? What’s an MOA? (Military operating area). Glossary of other FAA pilot licensing terms for your quadcopter real estate drone.

You need a FAA unmanned pilots license if you plan to use your drone for your real estate drone video photography commercial marketing.

This Tony and Chelsea Northtrup part 107 video is an excellent place to start studying for your FAA sUAS drone license. If your plan to take to the wild blue yonder skies to capture real estate video loops and still photography images, you need to earn your certificate flying wings. Tony does an excellent job of helping guide the drone education and training for your FAA part 107

Or better hire someone that holds a valid part 107 FFA airman license certification to capture your overhead drone real estate media.

If you study and pass your FAA part 107 commercial sUAS drone license, have a registered bird in the air, you definitely need a video channel. To plant, weed, feed and water your real estate video photography.

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Real Estate Videos, Photography Still Images Work Best From Overhead Using A Drone!

Post to your real estate video channel often.

Organize the videos into playlists to make it easy peasy for your visitors. But only if you ever want to see them return again and again for more video engagement. Always think of saving them time. Think customer.

Deliver to your real estate video channel audience as if you were in it.

Watching, studying the analytics to know when is the best time to post and how to avoid bounce. What worked in your last how to video or property listing tour reel. Start with simple community reels to capture and deliver the local community flavor that.

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Maine Real Estate Videos, Photos Show The Surrounding Area Best! Don’t Tell Them, Show Them The Area.

Real estate stills from a drone help showcase your property listings and community events. But nothing works like aerial drone video photography to help your real estate buyer feel like they are actually flying over and landing at the property, into your community.

There are recreational, cheaper beginner drones galore to test your remote pilot flying abilities.

The biggest differences is the camera specs and how many sensors and where on the drone. One of my earliest DJI drones carried a secured GoPro wide angle fish eye camera in the cargo bay. The new DJI drones with 3 gimbal axis stablization features are so so more capable to capture video photography media.

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Capture Video, Photos From The Air To Showcase Your Real Estate Property Best. Drones Do It Best!

The nearby lake or being parked smack dab on the shores of one location is the video star.

Coming up and over rolling, rich many shades of green pasture farm field and woodlot to showcase to arch around the home. Showing them is always better than expecting to take the time to read read read all about it these days of shortening attention spans.

Real estate drone video photography is one magic marketing tool to add to your property presentations.

Not just real estate agents and brokers have realized the value of drones added to their marketing arsenal. Farmers, police, fire, other emergency first responders, inspectors of all types run the drone control sticks.

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Real Estate Drones, Make Sure To Fly Them You Are Part 107 FAA Commercial Pilot Licensed Today!

So many beginner drones on the market, how much to spend, which one is the best fit for you? Sky is the limit like the selection on most things today. If you are buying a real estate drone, remember to have FAA license law requirement of remote ID tracking.

Like any real estate marketing tool, don’t throw money at anymore equipment without impulse control and careful drone feature study.

Look around your office and learn from previous mistakes with camera lust, sliders, gimbals stabilizers, lens, tripods, SD cards. You want to purchase something that will become a daily use marketing drone  work horse. Are you ready to commit the time using your drone? To shoot drone video footage and still photography raw images to color grade and edit?

Lake And Land, Farm Properties Need Drone Real Estate Videos, Photos. Be Safe, Be Part 107 FAA Licensed As sUAS Pilot In Charge.

You’ll be working around the weather on whether today’s real estate drone flight is scrubbed or not.

It’s photography, there’s an art to what you capture and upload in your real estate marketing. Here’s the myths excuses used for not using real estate video. If you fall into this group and don’t think video is the best marketing tool hanging off the utility belt of the real estate professional, well. Save your money, don’t buy a real estate drone.

But if you are determined to add drone video photography to your real estate marketing, which drone to purchase? Remember, April 21, 2021, the FAA’s Remote ID requirement compliance statute got added to part 107 drone law.

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Drones Capture The Bird’s Eye View Of What’s Close To Your Property Listing!

Your real estate drone to be in compliance requires broadcast of GPS coordinates. Your old drone is legal for no GPS tracking only until October 2023.

You can after market the drone to be in Remote ID requirement for tracking. Or purchase one already with the feature. Don’t buy the under 100 dollar plastic toy from Wally World expecting dependable and dramatic performance.

To deliver quality real estate video productions consistently does not mean you must spring for a DJI Inspire drone model either.

Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton could get excellent results from the cheapest guitar but probably you aren’t at that untested experience skill level yet right?

maine home with land
Maine Homes With Land. A Picture Or Aerial Drone Video Tells A Thousand Words Remember?

There is a happy medium buying a real estate drone that won’t break the bank and still deliver excellent results.

Be careful what you read and hear about drones too. Everyone online is an expert who may or may not have flown a few real estate missions. What is preached as gospel in a forum or Facebook group often deserves serious review.

Definitely tap into the video channels where the guy or gal spouting the fountain of advice really knows what they are doing.

Check their real estate drone video photography work experiences firsthand.

cutler me coastal drone aerial photo
Maine Coast Drone Aerial Video Photo. See The Hidden Log Cabin Vacation Home?

At the end of the day, what really matters is what works on your real estate video photography channel in your market.

If your plan is lots of meat and potato run and gun simple, helpful real estate video productions, perfect those. Forget trying to make it a highly technical luxury production. And don’t bother writing the check for any real estate drone and assorted add on devices if you are not going to fly it.

maine coast real estate drone photo
Maine Coast Drone Real Estate Photos, Videos. Those Help Your Online Buyer Tour The Property Listing, The Area. NOW!

Your real estate video production budget probably can not handle the overhead of exotic cars, high cheek bone skinny models, horses.

Many steeds  with helmeted polo players wearing knee pads swinging the mallet. Tearing up the lawn and chasing the ball behind the mansion that’s for sale.

Which is the best drone for your real estate marketing?

There are a slew of which drone to buy and why salt and peppered all over the YouTube University campus. Just make sure to check the date the video was uploaded. Drones for real estate, just like all technology today moves fast.

Old news is not what you want to rely on for outdated drone product information.

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Don’t Go Too High And Make Your Real Estate Buyer Squint. Lower, Wider Angle Photos, Videos Capture The Setting Best.

Simple real estate property listing videos do the open house on demand.

Providing the tour of what’s for sale to hit the real estate highlights. Describe the property in terms of who would be the video audience member who could use this type of property listing. Perfect your orbits, learn how to edit and prepare a storyboard before you fly.

Like writing a real estate blog post, it helps knowing the title of it before you hunt and peck.

Same is true on the real estate video because of YouTube algorithm design that’s always being adjusted. Study your YouTube analytics console stats. The numbers don’t lie in tweaking your video channel SEO for added engagement exposure help.

Drones show the property best.
Maine Is 91% Wooded, Homes For Sale Surrounded By Woods Are Private. Drone Shots Prove That.

The show and tell real estate video is designed to be one of many to follow.

Just providing what the real estate buyer needs to help sort out the many listings. No one wants to be “sold” anything. But a better job done describing the what’s for sale makes for quick and easy matchmaking for the best real estate fit.

Many real estate property listing videos have to deliver where it is that’s just as important as what it is.

Relocation, picking up and moving to a new community means hold it. Before one after another property listing video to sit through, the new to your area real estate buyers has to glean local community information. There is a reason he or she is moving, considering buying somewhere new.

overhead real estate drone photos
Whats It Like Across The Road? Up Up And Away Drone Flying Photos And Videos Help |”Show” That.

Your real estate video has to show them around your corner of the World.

As the local real estate expert, who better to invite them in and give them the local insider community tour? Don’t be afraid to involve your property owner in your real estate video photography production. Directly on camera or using a B roll to show what they are helping describe about the property is huge.

New voice, maybe their face, extra hands on video deck using them adds credibility.

Because they built this home a piece at a time. Which all adds to the longer watch time end result take away of your real estate video. That seller is your color, loaded with personal property listing experiences to add to the information exchange.

farms for sale need drone videos
Drone Videos Needed When Selling A Big Acreage Farm Home, Buildings, Land. Show Your Buyer The Property Listing Puzzle Pieces In One Image.

What’s it like where you live so I can compare it to where I do now or have before finding your real estate video channel?

Your real estate drone and on the ground real estate video combination needs the fresh, conversational not scripted audio. That real estate audio tract is 40% of your video production. Don’t waste it with a music bed filler.

drones for real estate
Real Estate Drones Capture The Home, The Property Around It Best.

Talk to the real estate audience and like a friend who asks what’s the property and community like?

Tell them, show them and be helpful no matter what they need today.

Real estate professionals are service providers. How can I help you? By one after another property listing video tours using your real estate drone, a variety of other camera equipment to accomplish the task efficiently.

Lastly, planning, it takes some thought to produce the best for your real estate market video productions.

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Flying Over Maine Land Acreage Tracts Using A Real Estate Drone.

Rainy, windy days in the forecast means the real estate drone is not flying today. Using past video and still footage to weave into your productions takes planning.

The best camera to carry is the one you have with your at the moment.

Bring it along. Keep the safety off to be ready. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture real estate video footage that would enhance and add polish to your home grown local productions. The same property or community but in a different season adds depth to the take away.

I’ve listed and sold Maine real estate for 44 years so many listings are repeat properties to market.

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Wearing Pilot Wings, Aviator Sunglasses, Controlling The Yaw On Your Real Estate Drone. AFTER You Do A Pre Flight Safety Check List.

Fall foliage colors, the groomed snowmobile trail across the back border and previous maps that have not changed all can be added to new real estate video productions.

As a Maine real estate broker, a licensed to fly a sUAS unmanned drone card carrying FAA pilot, I love to fly and hopefully it shows. But just because you can soar to 400′ AGL, remember 21′ off the ground with a slow pan or careful arch pull back or push in reveal works best.

aerial maine lake droneview
Looking Off The Top Of Peek A Boo Mountain, Weston Maine Using Drone Photography.

Time of day, obstacles like trees, electrical lines and guy wires, weather or people all impact what part FAA 107 license law allows you to do with your real estate drone.

Remember to carry with your at all times your drone registration, your sUAS pilot license, the log that outlines each real estate property flight. What’s the wind, weather, time of day to plan your drone flight or not?

Start each real estate video property mission by inspecting your drone, the props, your lipo battery, sd card, controller, etc.

Turning the neck, scan for hazards around you and study the where it is set to fly today environment.

To systematically collect the best video footage and still photos considering the battery capacity limitations all drones work under today. Never removing your eyes from the drone eye in the sky.

maine moose wildlife
Capturing Maine. Drones Used, Lots Of Still Cameras On Snow Shoes Or Wearing Hiking Boots Needed. Whatever To Get The Shot, Video Loop.

Safety first and protecting others and your drone takes lots of consideration every time you lift off as the pilot in command.

Providing the bird’s eye view of a community, the property for sale is fun and rewarding. Drones are taking to the skies around you and used by so many. Home inspectors, farmers, a drone can save lugging around ladders to get up up high quick and easy.

Stay current on your drone pilot regulations and always be considerate to neighbors, with others you share the blue sky highway.

Get drone license recertification every two years to stay current and legal. Study your air maps before you fly. These real estate drone shot videos and still imagery photographs help your property listing buyer consider just what they may be purchasing instantly.

drone shots make it easy
On The Ground, Obstacles To Keep From Getting The Best Shot. Not Using A Real Estate Drone.

There is nothing like an overshot of a big back yard or revealing the proximity to the schools, shopping, recreational fun to excite your drone video watching, listening online real estate buyer.

Your lighting, composition using a real estate drone is just as important in the air as down on the ground. The same principles apply to avoid shooting directly into the sun, using filters, avoiding weather elements that spoil the take away.

drone photo maine lake
Showing Them Maine Lakes, Waterfront Homes Using A Real Estate Drone. Pull Back, Get Up Close, Go Sideways Slowly All Improves The Presentation.

Safer skies through training, licensing to be a real estate drone pilot. Consideration of neighbors, knowing what you are after after from the air for video and photos is critical. Weather can ground your best laid plans for drone flight.

Carry your Part 107 FAA drone license, log book of real estate flights, your registration for your drone.

I’m on my 3rd drone and they have come so so far. But so have the FAA drone license regulations. You still have to watch your “fuel” because of the fast draining battery life of your real estate drone. It wastes valuable flight time returning for another flight over the same property because you missed something.

land on a maine lake
Drones Show The Waterfront, The Lake, Pond, River, Ocean, Whatever The Property Is Lucky To Border.

Flying a drone for real estate means not a flight once in a while.

Instead, one after another drone missions for your real estate listings need to happen around the weather patterns, the time of day, your busy schedule to fit in the shoot. Don’t forget to log those drone outings and blue sky, fly safe.

Reach out if you have any questions. Using a drone, weaving in videos for your list and sell property marketing. It adds so much quick and easy to pull in your buyer from around the World.

Full motion video with natural sound transports your audience to your hometown.

Give them the tour, meet them at the cyber town line. Hope this real estate drone video photography blog post was helpful and a worthwhile read.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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