Real Estate In Maine | A Friend Of A Friend Of A Friend Situation.

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The calls, emails, postal snail mail, texts and office visit lobby questions that come up on the topic of real estate in Maine.

We get some real eye opening doozies. And often the person asking them is in one major hurry and does not want anything but a quick here and now perfect answer to hit and run with thank you very much. birds nest home in maine photo

Jack or Jill does not want to be pressed for more information about the real estate involved situation that the question asks warrants for follow up ones right back at them.

And the person with the friend of a friend of a friend often got some of the details or their take for advice in the situation a little mixed up or out of order.

Besides just not having all the facts of the real estate in Maine situation. That prompted the shout out to this Maine broker on this receiving end of the signal.

Patience is a virtue but also a luxury in today’s hurry scurry world.

Figuring out the who, what and where in a real estate situation when it is a friend of a friend of a friend can cause hot under the collar to happen. Knowing just enough to be dangerous.

But missing the part of about not always, it depends on this when that happens or is the current problem that affects the rest of the property listing or sale.

The person asking what would I do in a situation like this one is not so cranked when I need to have a little more of the details to give the best answer.

Being kind, helpful are the two qualities anyone needing help wants. But thinking you are making it more complicated than they want but that it is is sometimes hard to swallow.

 Sometimes the situation is the neighbor wants to buy a piece of the backyard and how much is it worth leads to having to point out that the sale hurts the value of what is left around the home. maine farm barn yard animals photo

The devil in the details can make the person asking the question over the phone in a major hurry to think we are being difficult or just answer the question.

But like a doctor or lawyer who gives advice, has to make careful notes on the metal back clipboard or yellow legal pad, a real estate in Maine professional needs to do the same to assess the situation.

Plan the best course of action based on where we are, how we got there and where are we head.

The biggest questions coming in are legal in nature about right of ways, easements, title problems with poor deed descriptions and we refer the caller to seek out a lawyer, surveyor that is licensed and practicing in that specialty.

Same with tax questions about estate or capital gains.

We can help the 1031 exchanges and set up the owner financing on a property sale that a seller takes back a mortgage that generates monthly installments. houlton maine photo

Often when a question comes up there is a clock ticking for the answer for the person asking it.

That adds to the tension building and any further delay with questions can irritate them greatly.

But we have to ask some questions of our own and are we being hired to buy, sell and assist or is this like advice down at the diner sitting on a counter stool.

Worth about what you paid for it and given by someone that does not do real estate in Maine listing, marketing, selling for a living.

Your hair dresser or barber is trying to help but don’t know the market value of your property. We make a living because we have learned how to establish value, negotiate the sale of a marketed property listings to get it to a Maine real estate closing.

It is like, “what is your car worth” depends on lots of factors.

Same with the value of a jewel, something precious like your home where you raise your kids, pour in the sweat equjity. To get hopefully to a house mortgage buring party. To be free and clear. loons in maine photo

Put it under the bright light for a thorough exam, a detailed questioning.

We have to physically see what we are appraising, listing, going to market and sell for real estate in Maine.

If the property value is way out of line, no matter how full tilt the marketing, the listing, the real estate in Maine is not going to sell.

It is up to the agent, broker, REALTOR to set the expectations on value and if they don’t match with the seller, politely thank the property owner.

And high tail it to work on listing, sales of real estate in Maine where I can do the most good getting positive results.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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