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Real estate lifestyle property listing searches in Maine are hot blog posting topics.

So we roll up the sleeves on both arms. To one by one hunt and peck blog posts that are fashioned to save time, money, to educate. And then attach to these fresh blog posts the right photos that tie in with the subject matter. Salt and pepper season them with the helpful links that go along with the hobby interests or uses for the property listing for sale in Maine. Matchmaking the real estate with right current property buyer out in the online audience.mainefallcolors3

A lot of the interest in our low cost real estate listings is from folks not needing a job.

Some already retired in the relocation to Maine. But more and more are in the category of telecomuters.

That are telecommuting to the online job outside Maine that does not get left behind in the packing up and heading north out of whatever state or country they last had on the upper left hand corner return address on their correspondence.

The employment in Houlton Maine becomes the job that comes packed up and right along with the personal treasures, all the furniture, the trinkets and nick nacks. That the property buyer throws in the trunk, tosses and ties down up on the roof with bungie cords. Or stashes in back of them to pull in the attached travel trailer. Hauled along like a shadow close behind as they pass over the big green bridge to the south heading north entering Vacationland. Ready for the next life adventure.

Some of the slices of real estate buyers are from the retirement pie portion of property buyers. The folks making the decision to invest in a piece of property here in Maine to use full or part time. The latter are snow birds. Often carrying golf clubs and chasing the white dimpled ball around courses like they are still working winters away from Maine in the sunny south where no snow shovel needed.

But back to the real estate lifestyle property listing searches in Maine.

The houses with large areas for a media room, for setting up a home recording studio for music making. Or to finally be able to have enough room for setting up a wood working shop. Or with a garage attached or detached big enough to take care of the family pair of vehicles for storage but also go above and beyond. To house the restoration of whatever needs it in an area for the old antique cars, boats, farm tractors or whatever collection trips the trigger of the real estate buyer.

 The extra space to fix up and create the satisfaction of pleasure preserving something needing it is important to the buyer with a little extra time on their hands. The set of farm buildings for a homestead also come in handy for the critters. The extra auxiliary buildings that come with the home to use as machine sheds, chicken houses, big barns, tack rooms and maybe even an indoor riding arena. Farmstead property listings never go out of style as folks want to break free of city living. Like the Green Acres television show of the 1960’s but a little more serious.maine sunshine space photo

The activities of snow sledding, atv four wheeling, fishing, snow skiing or hiking, bird watching, whatever the past time have to be part of the property listing purchase.

The real estate lifestyle property search in Maine considers highest priority the listings that meet the need to match the hobby.

Home offices, sewing rooms or space to set up a long arm loom for quilting are pretty important to the seamstress in the real estate audience. Looking for more than just a quiet, hidden property location in the consideration of which one to pick as the cream of the crop. But more for the space inside, not just what happens around the outside of the home selected to be the buyer’s next household address.

If dance areas for exercising or socializing is needed, the property listing in Maine being described better mention that aspect. And not just wait until a physical showing to point out the fact that this property would be ideal for this particular use and why. First floor bedrooms for those scared of stairs. Or with a mother in law sharing the same roof line.

The far from the property location listing buyer needs to know at first glance what the many features are. Every real estate property listing in Maine is unique but without the imagery, videos, descriptive narrative to help distinguish each unique property, something major is lost in the information transfer. Unless someone spells it out that has been to the property and lives in the area.

The real estate lifestyle property listing searches consider more than the square footage living and out building storage space in the final analysis.

And picking which properties make the cut and those that are “X”ed off the list. The attributes outside of the dwelling itself revolve around those features the location, community add to the mix. So many buyers have their top ten shopping list for which area they pick first before even taking the time to begin the real estate search of the property listings currently available for sale. Lots of questions about Maine weather, climate. moose bath maine photo

Obvious concerns about safety, traffic, pollution, recreational options that go hand in hand with the low property listing priced Maine real estate now on the market.

Health care, how far away the hospital are, what about local area schools, the library, parks and recreational programs all get added up for the final tally of which area to select, what property listing in the herd gets picked as “the one and only” that shines brightest.

Clean lakes, fresh air, bright night skies of stars, woods trails to hike, mountains to climb all add to the flavor of living in a new location. Follow work on our Pinterest Maine images. Our Flickr Maine photo channel.

Lots of military personel retiring from service to Uncle Sam regroup in Maine because of the attractive setting, low cost property listings and quality of life. Taking college courses to get a degree to add to the one they already have or to complete their first one.

Internet connectivity, higher education options, providing an area that is conducive to raising a family, starting a small business, to expressing yourself as a writer or painter or photo journalist. Enriching the life means real estate lifestyle property listing searches in Maine are here to stay. Living in a grand Victorian you otherwise could never hope to afford outside of low cost property Maine. Or parked in a water front home in Maine for the same reason that it is too expensive anywhere else to be lucky enough to be next to a lake, river, pond, the ocean.

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We are the local cub reporter, to explain the process, to share what we have learned living in Northern Maine.

We don’t just list property with a one size fits all approach to the descriptions, the images arrays, plats, maps, videos loops. We do put the time into showcasing the local area that goes hand in hand with the property listing marketing. We welcome inquiries and so so many of our blog post topics come from the FAQ we have fielded in approaching thirty eight years listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate property listings!

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