Real Estate News, Want The Good Or The Bad First?

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Real estate news, it is not always clear blue sky, sunshine and rosy.

Because like a Doctor who scans the flip chart, studies the latest tests results, the buyers and sellers need to hear sometimes what they would like to avoid.

In the case of the real estate property seller, learning there is a sun mist in maine photoshortage of their type of property is music to their ears.

Because no, or short supply and priced realistically means here comes a quick property sale.

Start packing, we’re moving soon. It’s a new day to make hay.

This real estate listing for sale in Maine is not going to be that way for long.

Same with a buyer who gets pre-approved and knows before setting foot in the home in Maine that he can have it if he wants it.

If it is “the one”, a match for finances and his hen scratched mental “gotta have” list of property listing requirements.

But the bad news, the heart to heart using lots of candor in real estate discussions.

The seller who expects three times what the place is worth. The buyer who has swiss cheese holes all over his credit report.

Sometimes it is make them uncomfortable, but you can not help them. Not much you can do unless, until something happens. To move everything off dead center where the buying or selling is stalled. Dead in the water.

Give them hope for later on, explain why this, this and that too need to be part of the real estate equation. To have a successful Maine property listing sale.

 Telling the buyer and seller of property listings, Maine real estate that what they hope for is not going to happen.

Not mean, it’s helpful and keeps the heart break later. Making it worse because the hopes and dreams are dashed. When expectations in the real estate A to B crash.

No one likes to waste time. Not many have time to waste and live pretty overbooked lives that don’t exactly scream moderation.

So the earlier a maine amish community is growing photoreal estate professional points out what he sees for red flags, does not make him negative or a deserving the label pessimist.

No no, it is a property sale realist.

He or she does this list, twist and sell real estate for a living.

Has the history from experiences with properties, banks, lawyers, zoning, you name it.

Lots of real estate practice, actual property sales out in the real world.

Wants the new listing to get to a real estate closing conclusion. Because he or she do not get paid for almost closing. It is the finish line for what he is hired to do.

It’s not like hand grenades or horseshoes and close gets a few points to advance the game score.

So what can happen for garden variety problems that become property listing sale deal killers? Sellers that have lots of animals or loose ends, housekeeping and deferred repairs. But they don’t address them and wonder why the place did not sell? farmers market photo

Like any chore and hard work, the players involved all have roles in getting them done right.

Being difficult on flexibility over matters of earlier closings.

Throwing in an old less than a hundred dollar value lawn mower.

Possession dates a little different than they had hoped are in this same category of seller attitudes that can hurt the property sale.

The appraiser says the peeling paint on two window sills and a new railing on the front steps and he will sign off.

But the property owner demanding the buyer do those little tasks. When this is all that is standing in the way of the actual closing that needs to happen before the house goes into foreclosure from being behind several monthly bank payments.

Lift a finger, pitch in. And offer to take on a few items so the buyer will do the same and we all get to a real estate closing on time or at all.hummingbirds in maine photo

The real estate buyer who makes a face and says quit asking me if I am bank approved and for which program, what payment on a new Maine home.

The real estate agent, broker REALTOR is helping the buyer by putting the cart after the horse for the race to get a house.

So when they fall in love with the 30th home they look at, they finally get to the bank the news is not “sorry, no dice”.

Too heavy installment debt, too weak a credit score, and being on the job less than two years. In the middle of a hotly contested divorce that is no way near concluding soon. Lots of other factors all say it’s head for the door. Come back maybe, in a year.

And repair the credit that makes it impossible to buy a Maine home today in the next year. Or it’s the same “no way” will be the bad real estate news deja vu all over again.

And when there is no parent to step in, winning lottery ticket tub to cash. Or long lost rich Uncle that dies at the right time. To help make it a cash or extra co borrower climbing on situation to the real estate rescue.

Getting ready to buy a home in Maine is as critical as a seller who prices it realistically. As finding the right one. The buyer can actually afford and pull off to get a set of keys, a yard, a hand and a leg up and out of the rent rut.

Otherwise it is all browsing, shopping but nothing ends up at the real estate check out to ring up. For a successful property purchase transaction, the home sweet home.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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