Real Estate Property Listings In Maine Always Cheaper, Lower Cost.


Everything you think you know about Maine real estate property listing prices divide by three, four and more.

milkcartelliotJust like one weather forecast will not work for the entire country, real estate markets differ vastly too.

Maine is lower cost property listings.

With way way more Maine land wrapped around each and every home, house, camp or cottage too.

How come so much cheaper and why don’t property listings in Maine has automatic nose bleed high price tags associated with them? Like most urban areas of the country.

Maine is a rural state, not flush with money but rich in natural resources. Blessed with friendly help you out people that are down to Earth. And very family oriented, hard working.

And Maine is kind of stuck up here out of the way in the right hand corner of the country. 

By rights, we should be in Canada when you think about it due to being surrounded by the red maple leaf provinces on three sides. A little of New Hampshire and a lot of ocean waterfront too.

So wouldn’t you want to get more for less? Don’t you like the idea of not having a thirty or more year mortgage on the property if you have one at all? Life is easier because it is less expensive and more hands on, you can do it littleleagueyourself in Maine.

Feel more empowered and learn what really matters most in life living, working, playing in Maine. The way life should be.

If you are new to the area, the frequently asked question local community video will help cover lots of the unknowns you may be wondering about in Maine.

And the weather, the number one question is tell me about Maine’s weather, climate, growing season and topography.

Maine, big state and lots you may not know. But that will surprise you in a very very good way. Always your best case scenario, Maine. Get here quick as you can. See what you have been missing. How much richer life can be in the state nicknamed Vacationland. Thanks for following our blogs posts on Maine living too! Fire away with questions about the area, the local surroundings. Really. That is why we are here.

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