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The testimonial page on your real estate website.

Customer reviews on the agent or broker who was involved in the property sale in Maine. They are pretty darn important indicators of what to expect if you have no experience with an agency that peddles properties. But how to handle the praise from buyers and sellers without looking self centered ego-centric. No ones wants to be judged as “thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others”.

Not many folks like a braggart who flaunts their real estate services or any products with hust a little too much swagger.

But confidence in your real estate agent, broker or REALTOR is so important to building any buyer or seller’s trust. On the biggest purchase and sale dollar amount most of us ever make in a life time. So there is the fine line to never cross to help a real estate buyer and seller know they made the right selection. So the expectations going in are to the sale will be kept simple, smooth, always customer testimonials revieprofessional.

Give me advice to guide the process please.

Confidence comes from a job well done and publicly displayed by others before you using this real estate firm.

The kind of confidence that would motivate a buyer or seller to create public accolades, positive reviews so that others know about the experience. To read all about it. To benefit from the knowledge. But too much confidence is arrogance, cocky and prideful from the agent, broker, REALTOR. Nothing good comes from that mirror mirror on the wall who is the greatest REALTOR of them all.
It’s okay for a buyer and seller to be over the top hand stand happy with the way a real estate sale was handled. But the firm involved in the sale should not be the information source alone. Anything they add for the marketing propaganda is a careful delicate operation.
But even too much back slapping and platitudes can make the online reader wonder is this for real? Is this spin and can I trust what my eyes are reading. Some of the real estate reviews or any remarks on say travel websites can seem suspect. Partially because you and I don’t use that language describing our experience with a company or individual. The review does not sound legit or is just odd like whoever machined it out does not use English as their primary language.

(Exception: Luxury real estate customer reviews like the copy and plush imagery, videos in the real estate presentation are over the top stilted and high brown snarky.)

You scratch your head. I could never get used to real estate ad copy that starts with “Know luxury few people ever do and you deserve it because aren’t you some kind of special just like this one of a kind opulent estate?” Hard to keep from choking just reading it but when the price tags are sky high and everything is plated with gold, marble, quartz and granite, the lingo to peddle it means the descriptions have to ne heavily seasoned to create plenty of envy, lots of status all rolled into the blue blood paragraph narrative descriptions.
The Latin word for “I” is ego. And every school English teacher you encountered growing up and being fed the three “R”‘s taught us to avoid the use of “I” as much as possible. So the real estate websites that promote the agents or brokers as the best thing since sliced bread. Those pick me pick me because I’m the greatest real estate professional in Maine presentations go over like a lead balloon.customer review testimonial

So customer reviews, real estate testimonials.

How to show proficiency and a solid track record with real estate property listing buyers and sellers? By removing the agent or broker and handing the microphone, pen or video camera to the buyer or seller. The happy customer who is satisfied with their real estate treatment is a beautiful thing. But do they want to tell the World and share their experience? Some do, some don’t. The high rating with lots of stars helps grade the agent or broker if they are true reviews and not manipulated.
I am glad our office gets postive remarks in the reviews is all I know. It is a guide to show how we are doing besides the number of real estate sales we have yearly. When dealing with the public, making most of the people happy is no easy task. It does just happen. It is not due to plain good luck.

There is nothing more rewarding for a real estate professional than receiving a hand written thank you note either.

You know how much more inclined you are to open up a hand written self addressed envelope. You are moved because someone took the time to jot you a note of appreciation. To thank you for something when they believe you went above and beyond. And it also shows good manners, childhood training to reach out in life. To let someone know you appreciate what they did for you out of kindness and gratitude as a verbal reward.180px Realtor logo

What has been the experience of others using this unknown real estate agent or broker is important stuff.

Because who you select for your Maine REALTOR will provide the answer to that question loud and clear in time. You will know from first hand experience because you are buying or selling using this real estate firm or individual. Good or bad will become obvious from the taste left in your mouth when it is over.

WARNING: Not every real estate sale happens. Seller’s remorse, the kind buyer’s get too or loss of job, divorce, not able to get the place financed due to condition and the numbers just not jiving in the math exercise.

We get texts, emails, office visits to shake our hand beyond the one everyone shares after a sit down, slide the papers property listing closing.

This is our latest hand written note customer review, real estate testimonial we received this week from a real estate seller.

Thank you for helping us sell Dad’s house. This process was new to use, never selling property before. Your video was very well done and we appreciate all the ads and advice you gave us. Cheryl (secretary) always was polite, friendly, and prompt in replaying to emails / phone calls. We’re happy a young family is getting their first home.
Claudia Blanchette”

Real estate testimonials, customer reviews.

Can I get a witness? Here is the testimonial customer review link to the website page that includes them because we receive them. And being tucked away in a dark file cabinet bottom drawer just keeps the valuable indication of how MOOERS REALTY performs our job one big secret.
We’re happy they are satisfied and that they shared that enthusiasm. MOOERS REALTY is humbled, deeply grateful for your kind words you and that you spoke up to let others know when asked “was it good for you?”

Testimonials, customer reviews definitely indicate the real estate agency is on the right track and finding the bull’s eye.

Are you thinking of down sizing a home or the one you now own is just too darn small? Maybe buying land to build your own dream place is what you have in mind. Or to buy a lifestyle like farming, waterfront boating or a commercial piece of real estate. It is all part of what we do.
Buying or selling, we are here to served the best way possible all the many Maine real estate situations you can imagine. Thirty eight years and counting of property listing and selling experience helps us see the signs, all the red flags and the best path to take depending on each and every individual real estate situation. Let’s get together to connect and talk about the best solution to your real estate need today!

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