Real Estate Video And Why It Works Promoting Listings.



Videos for real estate save everyone time.

Real estate videos work because they are instant. Real full motion video, not a slide show of the same images the buyer has already sat through show how the rooms connect. You don’t get one shot of each room, a couple exteriors and that’s it. Until your buyer clears the time, has the added expense of physically traveling from far away to be at the property. To finish what was left out of the online listing presentations.mainemap

Missing information is no fun.
Delays are costly in real estate and if the buyer can not get the full tour with sight and sound when the desire is greatest, when you have their full interest and attention, then the fondness fades.
Other things come up on the buyer’s end to distract and pull them away from the property listing that lacked the follow through completeness that real estate video delivers oh oh so easily.

Besides saving time for a buyer filtering through lots of property listings, video provides more detail.

The scan of a room is 25 or more “pictures” per second and those video frames provide a look at the entire room. Not just from one angle which cuts off and limits the total experience that you would have with a real live walk through of the property. When you swivel your head to take it all in.
The audio provides forty percent of the information transfer experience too and supports what is being shown for video loops that are carefully stitched together in the property listing presentation.

The video is a story, that involves history, location, seller’s plans, the convenience elements besides the rich detailed property listing features. 

How old is the roof and heating system, where would you add on the mother in law bedroom is all part of the sauce in the video recipe. To help the buyer distinguish this property from the next. Again with little time, the mission for the real estate buyer is to see all that they can afford that meets their living requirements today but to filter out and remove all those properties that won’t fit their needs. Video spells it out, gives the complete picture and is the sauce that ties it all together for the other end of the signal.

The National Association of REALTORS reports less than five percent of real estate agents or brokers use video in their marketing. NAR also found in studies that 73% of sellers will likely list with agencies offering video over those who do not provide them. Videos are also not limited to just property listing presentations either. Your out of state buyer needs to know more about the area, the community the property is located in before moving on to picking a place to buy. Videos that show the local area events build the interest in the communities they are planning to invest their hard earned dollars in if they like what they see and hear.

Video is not one picture limited or just a few paragraphs of narrative.

They don’t require lots of reading, searching and the delay in getting much needed detail that is missing. You form the wrong conclusions when there is not enough information. Videos transport your buyer to the neighborhoods, downtown, countryside, waterfront fun, etc that come with the property for sale. Often the move part time for a vacation or a retirement home or for full time to work and raise a family. The last item makes the community information the most important puzzle piece to fit. Real estate video fills the unknowns easily if they are produced on a regular

You and I learn differently. Some do better hearing about a subject. Others seeing works better than reading to make the connection quick and easy.

Combining more than one of our senses and saving time in the process makes video the best weapon in the marketing tool box.
And because so so many real estate agents and brokers are stuck in the old mentality of plant a sign, snap a couple images and go skimpy on the details of a listing, videos don’t wait for a buyer to darken the agency door to be taken seriously.

Rather than waiting for the buyer to arrive to get the much needed details we realize many won’t due to the long distance we are north in Maine’s small rural Aroostook County real estate market.

Videos close the gap to get information that involves the expensive time and money travel every time a new listing pops up that might interest a property buyer.
Videos save time for the broker or agent too because late at night, our peak time for video channel viewing, the buyer can help themselves. Touring way more properties online with video than they would one at a time physically hitting this one, then that one thirty miles in one direction, the next one forty miles in another location.
Local buyers can see the place more than once or twice and when you and I are talking the largest single investment most of us ever make, that is huge in making the best real estate buying decision.

Appraisers watch our MOOERS REALTY real estate videos too. Because it helps them see how the rooms flow and to catch features they missed in their quick walk through with scribbling on a legal pad information gathering. Or when they use a sold listing for a comparable comp on a new appraisal. Insurance companiesproviding coverage on a property use the videos, so do the bank lenders who can help determine which financing program for a buyer fits this particular property best. One size does not fit all and videos provide the information quick and easy, sweet and complete. If the real estate professional takes the time to shoot, edit, render and upload videos.


Right behind Google, the You Tube Channel that powers our real estate videos is runner up for the largest Internet search engine title.

With a website optimized properly that includes video, surveys report a 57% more likely chance of showing up on page 1 of Google search results. Higher search result rankings equal more buyers, more sales and quicker closings. Which leads to more listings because of the results video help produce. videosmooersrealty002
More listing views means more offers, more activity, greater exposure locally and nationally.  I can bullet list how this property differs from this one, that one but video misses nothing. Just sit back, watch and listen.Seeing is believing and you don’t have to be from Missouri to be shown to figure out what’s what with video. Videos add and round out the website information, are uploaded and linked in on social media platforms where folks hang out round the clock.
Videos don’t just show the good areas because as you pan a room, you see it all so they are more honest representations. Video just work wonders for efficiency and for happy buyers, sellers and the bottom line more listing sales. Results are everything in life and delays are costly. Videos help save time, provide help in property and community selection. Heck, I can even tell my personal real estate story with video. Detailing the process of getting ready to sell, obtaining financing, legal hurdles, the best way to prepare for moving and relocation for retirement. All these topics are one by one handled best with video. Folks like watching a screen and listening to the story. We tell the story a part at a time. And not only the real estate agencies most expensive properties should warrant a video of their very own.
Each property video is like it’s all in one personal website. Because there is nothing to look for or be left hungry for if the video is shot with a mental story board in mind. If they are consistent in their format so the viewer can know what to expect. No one likes surprises and predictability is key to make the connection grow strong. MooersRealtySearch
I have had videos of properties already sold cause phone calls from folks who want one just like that one. We list lots of properties in all price ranges and types and locations. So there are back up properties to meet the surge of calls, emails and office visits because we use video.
As our You Tube Channel for video approaches two million views and with over 1000 videos under our belt, we have learned a thing or two. Videos work. People want and expect them, properties deserve the video treatment. Along with more images, greater detail delivered up front to cut to the chase without frustrating delay.

Smart phones, iPads, desktops and all the mobile devices are ideal for video.

When you are a buyer with time to spare at an appointment delay, video open house on demand happens for information, to solve a real estate problem and with a little entertainment involved. The connection with a real live real estate agent or broker builds trust.The buyer and seller need help and every real estate sale develops it’s own unique twists and turns. Video instantly develops a growing partnership with the buyer or seller with their real estate professional. Reading a sing song real estate ad description does not.

Video is fast, it shows the property as a real live location that is ready and waiting for the sneak a peak.

A buyer who has to reach out, wait and be delayed getting information is less likely to buy than when they instantly see the depth and size of the inside, the outside, all around the property. They can move on to what about financing this place they want to buy or how are the schools or whatever extra information is needed.andymooers1
Folks on trains, commuters to work, employees logging on when they should not but taking the property tours while on the job.
The links to the videos get looked at with local libraries being the location folks that are not on line go to experience them.
Often a family member is needed to provide the down payment and would if they could only see and feel the property from a walk through when they are on the west coast and the real estate is on the other side of the country.
With video they can see, hear, touch and get the feel of who the rooms flow, to know instantly where all the puzzle pieces fit together on each and every property.

Pulling down a 400% increase in website views and inquiries is reason enough to be using videos.

While we sleep, the videos are not hit or miss like a weekend ad that disappears. They work hard, doing the heavy marketing lifting 365/24/7. Nothing works better than video for real estate marketing. If I had to pick just one of the many marketing tools we use to promote our properties, video would be the one choice without hesitation to pick over all the rest for sheer powerful exposure and hard and fast results.

Videos get found and platforms like Facebook reward the use of video uploaded to their platform. Real estate is emotional, it is all about improving your life and making a worthwhile investment that you can be proud of for years to down the road.

Videos tap into and satisfy the emotional needs way way better than just pictures and text.

But again, a slide show with no sound or just a music bed filler is not a video. The sound of the agent or broker’s voice talking like you and I would if we were touring a property in person works better than a read script from announcer guy voice over. The echo in the empty living room with the fireplace and hardwood floors, the sound of the wind chime on the open deck or water lapping, loons singing at a lakefront property. Those hit the heart and satisfies the head as interest turns to desire and causes action. More on the numbers don’t lie, real estate video is here to stay.

Making the phone call, sending the email or text to the real estate listing agent or broker happens when they produce and upload videos. Videos offer better servicing for buyers and sellers and save time exposing the properties for sale period. In 75% of our testimonials and favorable review letters, emails, and in person visits, buyers and sellers sing the praises of videos we use to market best at MOOERS REALTY. The outside buyers especially say they feet like they already know me because of watching one after another video that builds the connections.

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