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Real estate video marketing.

Life moves fast, digital marketing demands real estate video marketing these days. To reach the largest possible audience the easiest way available, videos for real estate deliver the best. Real estate videos help make the connection long and strong.

Just sit back and watch and you are going to Maine. For the area flavor what’s it like. To tour in and out of the what’s for sale in the real estate inventory.

Make It Easy. YouTube Videos For Real Estate, Local Events.

There is no other better marketing tool hanging off the utility belt of any real estate agent, broker, REALTOR.

This blog post provides the numbers and explains the why real estate video is so powerful.

There are many good reasons to use video in any business. But real estate especially is a good fit. Property listings are in a fixed position location.

Your Maine real estate buyer for it is not always local.

Instead of waiting for an out of town buyer to show up to tour a property and the community in person, video is the answer.

YouTube Videos Make Property Tours Instantly Possible.

For the right out straight, overbooked local property buyer too, seeing listing videos one after another without scheduling a physical real estate showing is convenient. In our job as a service provider, it is all about making it as easy as possible in the “how can I help you today?”.

Video takes the waiting around and expense of travel away.

Suddenly the weather does not matter. Neither does the distance away from the property the buyer is at this moment. No seller or renter in a property to work around. A real estate video makes open house on demand possible. On the buyer’s time, not anyone else’s constraints.

And want to see and tour the new real estate property listing again? No calls to make, no shows to remove, no lights left on or doors missed that should have been locked. And the cat or dog did not get out never to return.

The more “video showings” on a place, the better the retention on what is up for sale in the biggest purchase most of us ever make in a lifetime.

Stay up all night watching one after another house video binging is possible.

Nothing elaborate, not luxury real estate presentations with half clad models, water foundations or exotic cars parked in the courtyard. Meat and potato Maine real estate videos.

They are just simple, easy run and gun real estate videos.

Your buyer’s time zone does not matter. Neither does the device that works best in the show and tell delivery. On the way to work commuting, a buyer could spend that time with a daily laptop or tablet. Help yourself to the real estate buffet of property and information. Tap tap, slide, sit back and check in on what’s new if video is available.

Real estate videos easily splash across the big screen in a living room.

Or a cell phone can easily display what’s available for property listings. Reading the close captions or plugged into earphones for private review. All done while waiting for your kids to come out of the movies, whatever event they are at today. The more times a property listing video is viewed, the more that is retained from the digital presentation.

With real estate videos, the property listed for sale is not on the market long.

On, off market and on to the next new property listing.

MOOERS REALTY shoots, edits, renders, uploaded Maine real estate videos. Video is the number one way to put the local listings on the map to show up around the World. The days of the 9-5 M-F real estate office are dead. Anyone not providing round the closing media presentations around the social media circuit are dying dinosaurs wearing a rusty big blue “R”.

So some pretty amazing real estate video numbers …. (clearing throat).

87% of online marketers use video. Marketers who use video grow revenue nearly 50% faster than ones that don’t. More than a billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube a day. 70 percent of YouTube viewers say they bought from a brand based on their video. 62% of business use YouTube channel for posting videos daily.

MOOERS REALTY lists and sells lots of property types so the video channel reflects all those different kinds, prices, locations.

The same video created for a real estate agent or broker’s property channel can be used in other ways, on various other social media outlets like Facebook, etc.

MOOERS REALTY also uploads short version YouTube videos to complement our long form ones. Putting videos in playlist arrangement also helps someone interested in this type of real estate to keep watching your channel.

REALTORS who use video attract 403% more inquiry leads. Viewers remember more than 95% of what they see and hear than 10% from a text presentation. 73% of sellers will pick a real estate agent or broker who uses video over one who does not. And only 38% of REALTORS use real estate video. Home sales increased 29% after a video marketing program was initiated.

What’s not to like about real estate video?

Videos increase visibility for buyers, are what sellers want from their real estate agent. Properties deserve a quality real estate video to increase exposure, the size of the audience and ease of use. Reasons real estate agents give for NOT using videos even though they know the incredible marketing value.

It’s like smoking. Anyone that does more often than not will tell you don’t start, that they should quit. But. Why don’t they quit? Something seems to make it worthwhile to smoke, it’s called addiction. With real estate videos there is like anything a learning curve. It’s gets easier, the video productions get better.

Engagement and channel retention happen as your video channel grows and picks up marketing speed. Videos help the new to your area channel watcher feel more and more what’s it like living, working, playing where the listing agent calls home.

Check out a farmers market video to see and hear the Saturday morning interaction in Market Square, Houlton Maine one summer morning.

MOOERS REALTY has been using real estate video marketing since 2007. With over 7 million views, with nearly 1500 videos, I’ve learned a few things on the YouTube real estate channel. One of the best things I ever did was get my FAA Part 107 drone flying license. Drone aerial real estate video adds so much to the presentation.

Houlton ME drone aerial photo
Wanna Get High .. High Up? Aerial Drone Photos And Video Improve Presentations. Showcasing WHERE The Home For Sale Is Location.

The fly over of a property and seeing clearly how the lake is out front or the big farm and woodland acres surrounds you out back is huge.

The viewer, video listener “feels” like they are at the property and understand clearly how all the puzzle pieces fit together. That person or couple is more apt to travel to see the property. Or in some cases, based on the video alone, the purchase is made on the Maine real estate due to the fly over and interior walk through full motion video.

With community video presentations of local events, your buyer has already spent time in your zip code.

On the Internet not the Interstate to do the cyber travel back and forth. Only hindered on the free time to tap into your real estate video channel on their end of the signal. No highway tolls, no eats, no motels, no white line road fatigue trying your darndest to stay awake.

aerial drone real estate photos
How’s The Roof, Chimney? Don’t Read About It, See The House Elements First Hand! Drones Climb Without A Ladder.

Buying or selling Maine real estate?

Looking for local community event videos to showcase the area? See and hear about more properties and area information using video. Please tap into the YouTube video channel for the best experience to save time and money.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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