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Real estate videos for marketing properties, showcasing the listings. It is what buyers on the go want.

Video influences who sellers pick to list and promote their properties. And the Maine listings themselves deserve real video show and tell for the ease in exposure.  It’s what real estate buyers want, sellers deserve. A simple, helpful show and tell real estate video.maine apple cider photo

Having a video increases the chances of a front page Google search engine search display by over fifty times.

Emails with a video link get tapped approximately 96% of the time too.

Buyers of real estate like, want, expect video for their area information, the property listings for sale.

It is all about expanding the reach, to increase the frequency so more folks get inside, all around the real estate listings for sale.

And also for that brand new to the area buyer to learn as much as possible about the community the property is in. BEFORE they even arrive in town or step foot through the door to what is for sale.

Video for real estate makes it “already seen, heard and toured the place.” Late at night, no matter where the buyer is or how crappy the weather. It is on demand open house touring, help yourself to the real estate videos.

Videos get the buyers into more properties.

Videos help them make better home buying decisions. No delay in getting in is striking while the marketing iron is red hot. Before the buyer’s interest cools off and other properties with video turn their head and tickle their fancy.

 Not on the agent or broker’s schedule or real estate office hour limitations. But anytime, sample the what’s for sale. Come back for seconds, thirds, more helpings. Here’s one typical property listing video that in less than forty eight hours has attracted the interest of 3000 potential real estate buyers. Watch the Maine real estate video.


So video for real estate show and tell.

It expands the old fashion wait for a time to see. Set up a showing and lake mirror photowork around lots of schedules. Hope you don’t get bit by that very large dog.

And after one real estate showing, if you like what you finally get into see, then set up another retour with the same scheduling hassles. And then I’ll take it.

Whoa, two very delayed, anything but instant showings with real life difficulties holding up the show. Unlike real estate video that can provide without delay all the buyer needs quick and easy.

No matter what device the real estate buyer is on or holding.

Right here and now. At the speed of thought.

And ease to do more, as many as it takes real video tours. To send the link to family members, post on social media portals and get those helping with down payment inside the house cyberly. farmers market photo

Forbes magazine shows nearly 60% executives eyeballing real estate prefer video than text.

Further surveys show 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a REALTOR who offers real estate video .

But only 4% of agents put their property listings on You Tube

So if you are one that does shoot, edit, render and upload videos, you stand out as above and beyond. Out of the ordinary for marketers of the property listings using real estate video.

Further studies show 87% of online marketers use video content for a reason.

It is what customers reach for using the eyes and ears. Just tap tap and sit back. Let the information transfer happen quick and easy. And for better retention using the sight and hearing. 

Another online publishers association found in surveys that 46% of video watchers, listeners, users take some sort of action after viewing an ad.

Video gets more than the attention, creating desire and action which means greater results.

Learn more about the easy way to make real estate videos.

maine lake photoAlso the National Association of REALTORS Group, (NAR) reports 90% of hoime buyers use the Internet to research properties.

If videos are the cat’s meow for ease and preference if they are available, it is imperative to make sure they are as a real estate professional.

One Australian real estate group reports property listing videos receive over four times the inquiries than those without videos. Why would you not want to increase the offs of exposure 403% by using real estate videos in your marketing? Videos for real estate are efficient, time saving, available round the clock.

Don’t forget YouTube is the second largest search engine, the third most visited website on the Internet.

And over 932 videos a month are exposed, viewed by online surfers.Your buyers and sellers want, look for videos. If you don’t shoot edit and upload them. Well they will find someone in our market place that does. Save everyone time and money. Give them what they all want by shooting, uploading real estate videos for Maine property listings.

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