Remote Jobs, Telecommuting Online But Living In Maine.


Remote jobs, telecommuting online but living in Maine.

You want to live in Maine, you love the low cost property listings for sale.

Now how to pull it off, moving to Maine. If you are not already independently wealthy or have a big fat retirement income to follow you with the relocation to Maine. Let’s face it, there is no better place to raise kids, settle down and start a family than in Maine. Or to enjoy all the great unspoiled outdoors of this place called Maine.bunny on trail in maine photo

But work to pay the bills, even if they are smaller in rural Maine where money does not drive the day to day.

Hard work and becoming more versatile in lots of areas is important. Get more for less is what Maine is all about and the friendly, family first folks you pitch in with to make a neat living experience are all in the same boat.

How to stretch the dollar to be able to stay in Maine.

Not leave looking for better jobs or higher wages out of state where the quality of life goes the other way.

So working remote jobs, telecommuting online but living in Maine.

That is the dream of many. The Internet has made that possible but the “last mile” of connectivity has been the stumbler in some areas. But overall the greater Houlton Maine broadband internet landscape is pretty long and strong.

Here is more on Internet providers in Maine.

You need the connection to ride the glass tube, copper wire or to sail through the Maine wireless channels online.

I have lots of real estate in Maine buyers and sellers who telecommute.

A site review of an area real estate location to make sure the speed is great enough. That the connection stays glued nice and tight for continuous uninterrupted Internet service. We help do those broadband Internet connection site reviews all the time. They  happen  a lot. Because to someone working remotely online from up in Maine, that Internet connection is do or way fun maine photo

Have one Maine real estate seller with over a hundred acres who lives deep in the country that is a software engineer.

Another property listing buyer last week who wants to bring what he does online living in PA to ME. He likes the modern home in Mars Hill Maine and the view, the over 40 acres of land.

Have had sales of Maine real estate to text book writers and editors.

But this Maine listing buyer’s needs are greater than some of the local providers are able to meet in an off the beaten path below terrain location. Tele-medicine is bigger than ever too. The COVID pandemic showed zooming from your home is possible for work and education. It made many think if I can work online remotely, why not do it from up in low cost real estate Maine?

So we are searching and working hard to make the connection the right one for online work from his remote locations in Maine.

That is why the state of Maine, local counties and towns, the handful of cities need to keep working to improve the online Internet connection to pick up speed. maine log home photo

To make Maine affordable, have wall to wall available internet connectivity and easy access around Vacationland.

Starry is a new company with lots of promise and technology is moving fast to improve the Internet connection from Maine to ride the backbone fat pipe to the rest of the world.

Here are the top ten satellite Internet providers.

So once we get you wired up correctly for Internet in Maine, hot dog have at it. And enjoy what is happening outside of the work from home location in Maine. No traffic noise, you can see the stars at night and crime, what’s that?

Maine is the fourth lowest crime state and northern parts of the Pine Tree State are half that impressive average again.

But what if you live here now in Maine and want to work online, what is out there for remote jobs?

Forbes Magazine’s top 100 companies for remote jobs to consider. In your move to Maine or if you are already lucky enough to be landed here in the Northeast corner of the New England, the country. maine river rafting photo

Work from home used to mean you were a Maine farmer. Saw your kids a lot because you worked together planting, harvesting crops. Milking cows, collecting eggs and haying the horses.

Being at home made your social life around the acreage your Maine farm land and woodlot provided.

A near by lake or the stream bordering your Maine farm land was used for recreation, for a fish dinner. Maybe a little irrigation on dry years if not tapped to hard to mess up the environment.

Or had a cottage industry employment done piece meal and you work hard, you make more if output production is held high and steady. There are two types of people some would argue… vocation and vacation. The vocation ones are hustlers and high output industrious.

Now work from your home in Maine can mean like heading into the city but with a mouse driven like George Jetson’s bubble whirling car of the future.

The future is here for working online, from home remotely in Maine.

Maine schools rank number five in the nation for Internet connectivity and providing quality service. Maine puts the emphasis on it’s children, the students that become the work force of tomorrow.

The responsible citizen who hopefully can stay in Maine to live and work thanks to beefed up Internet options to stay ahead of the herd. Many towns like Bar Harbor Maine are thinking of investing on a town level to create community broadband, ideal fiber optic portals. Ready and waiting to hop online to head to work. To keep up with what is possible and to implement it to what they already have for Internet quality and levels of harbor maine sunset photo

Read more about study, the plan to wire up Bar Harbor Maine to compete with first class Internet quality of bandwidth and blazing speeds.

Faster than than had before and with more robust options to fit the needs of the consumer. All of them.

The property taxes of a municipality would go up if publicly funded by the town in Maine with the vision to take the gamble.

But some argue not every Maine retired property tax payer is laying awake nights tossing and turning. Because a speed test of the broadband up and download speeds is just too slow.

But for locals that do depend on the Internet, a Maine town could make the investment in broadband upgrades to approach speed of thought.

Or at least pull the area up and out of the dial up slow poke ages which is not acceptable for the average bear eyeballing Maine for the next life stop. To keep it going beyond the three ring binder public funding for improving or just providing broadband.

So many of the property buyers we talk to are not happy out of state. They make more money, they quickly spend it too. But long for Maine because of the growing up here and wanting to come home. To repeat the experience they had as kids raising their own in Maine. andrew mooers ice cream photo

Those never in Maine don’t really know what they are missing.

But many have been bitten by her drop dead gorgeous all natural beauty.

Because of being teased during vacation stops in Maine.

Where you have to ask yourself why not live in Maine full time?

Not just spend a week a year here that has to tide you over to the next calendar cycle of vacations.

Look over the images of Maine.

Watch the community local event videos of Maine.

Sample the local flavor of Maine.

Since this blog post was hunt and pecked in 2016, the telecommuting to work online remotely has only increased. It is nothing new in rural Maine. Plus with the coronovirus developments at this time of revisit to polish up the blog post’s usefulness, telecommuting with rock solid fast and furious Internet connection speeds, you can keep socially distances in tack. To avoid catching the coronovirus or spreading it which does not help the work place situation or the World.

Maine, four seasons of outdoor recreational fun.

Do the home work. Ask around. Read posts like this Maine blog! You’ve already heard lots about Maine and how many folks exclaim what a neat place to visit. What if telecommuting from Maine, working remotely online, cyber traveling to your job but staying home was a real option for you?

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