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Retirement in Maine, to know why people do it, ask them.

Or break it down to what anyone retiring would seek out, want more of if where they are now is like last call. When the bright house lights come on and glare the reminder. It is time to find your coat, collect your things and go. And if you linger too long, the reminder to leave gets stronger. With the suggestion reminder, we just don’t care where you go but all we know is you can’t stay here. gardenmaine1

Go home. Come to Maine.
What is home as defined from someone heading into retirement mode that fits like a glove best?
Well, lots of folks shudder at the thought of even entertaining retirement because it admits to the self you are getting older. And the Golden Years go better for some than others. So that’s why the discussion on retirement in Maine. Before health peter’s out and body parts start to fail from the previous years of wear and tear chasing the dollar.
But before diving into the topic of retirement in Maine, let’s pull back the blogging post reins a tad. Examine retirement needs alone very closely. What do people retiring need to consider most as retirees? And then go out on the hunt for the best place for the missing puzzle piece for retirement? And what exactly are the ingredients that makes for a happy retirement ?
The biggest requirement of any housing through out your life is to find the most affordable options.
To stretch those hard earned retirement dollars. It helps if you are leaving a location with higher costs of living that rewards the home owner selling in those real estate markets. Take the money and run I think were the words of one Steve Miller song from back in the 1970’s. But no one is robbing a castle and meeting up later to split up the stolen loot south of the border.

Worrying about finances to pay for housing and living within your means is not the only thing on the minds of the retiring individual or couple. There better be a lack of crime, less of the things on the list of what to avoid in the next and maybe final move in life. Getting rid of traffic, saying good by to gangs. And trading the setting of a city in for clear blue skies, country fresh air. An all around healthier way of life with a slower pace and more friendly happy population is what retirement folks seek out and there is more.

Health care facilities are a must in retirement because your doctor office visits increase for many. You used to take your kids, now you make your own appointments for this and that little nagging ailment. And for some, more serious ones that can threaten retirement and life itself if ignored. maineharborboats4
Maine RX and doctoring.
We are not talking small clinics or waiting for Dr Quinn on the prairie limited coverage options when it is time to call the doctor. Not just bandaid stations here in Maine so don’t worry if you get sick, fall off a ladder or bump your head. Or worse.
Not going to dance around the topic, the elephant in the room’s discussion.
Older people’s parts wear out. And when you address the symptoms, it can provide relief in one area and cause a set back in another.
It’s like when something swallowed to relieve fluid building up around the heart or in the lungs is making it harder to breathe, adding discomfort. Gets helped with medication but now wait for it, wait for it. Here it comes. The kidneys are weighing in and shutting down. Because what helped one vital organ area is not so good for another region of the complicated system Mother Nature, other higher powers oversee.
So lower cost of living, check off that retirement box when talking about Maine.
And health care facilities, gets another line drawn through it. Checked off too  if there is a major hospital handy to your retirement home. And when assisting living options with the medical front covered from A to Z when and if you need it as the retiree are ready when you are in place. Maine has retirement communities. For the different stages and needs of quality of living but still housing independence that everyone wants if possible. mainechevy
But what else for the retirement discussion?
You don’t think of a 95 year old pointing the boards down a steep entrance to a set of double black diamonds ski trails.
Needs do change in the recreational pursuits. But hiking trails, sitting by a Maine lake during sunrise, sunset at both ends of the day is not a bad habit to develop. You can have the four season outdoor settings that soothe the soul and fresh the heart and mind in Maine.
Link to some eye candy of Maine to get you in the mood and remind you it is not like this in many other places. Maine, it is the way life should be. Need more photos of Maine to twist your arm, tug on the heart strings?
Your friends came to Maine first and settled and you followed suit taking notes from their play book of what moves worked well, what were a mistake.
Or you had a vacation place used for recreational and always knowing it would be Maine for a retirement state when the time was right. That happens a lot and for those in the audience reading this blog post on retirement, it is preaching to the choir which we apologize for dearly. Excuse me. But please, spread the word on the merits of Maine which for too long has been kept a secret to many.
Have you thought about what it might be like to retire in Maine? We hunt and peck lots of blog posts about the simple living in Maine. The Me In Maine blog posts help show the day to day and suggest what it is like, what the flavor of being in Maine a day or ending up staying a lifetime feels like.farmermarket5
But ask the question about about the best places to retire in Maine, and now the fierce pride of the many facets of Maine small town life, the handful of cities kicks in.
Stirs up suddenly like a gale force Northeaster wind. Everyone has an opinion today and voices it in public, around the social media circuit. But what is best for you in a retirement community? Somewhere where personal safety is not always on the mind. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state and locking doors, worrying about loss of precious stuff or fearing for your life is not how idle away the day.
Retirement, raising a family in Maine, buying a vacation property.
It’s all good. Less people means less regulations, and folks are raised to respect other people’s property and opinions. Maine is the way it used to be all across America but now eight out of ten people live in a city. Not because they want to, but because to advance their career and meet financial expectations it is time to head to the city. For the taking care of business and get to work by nine drive time fun and games in grid lock and dealing with road rage. That is not how your day flows in small Maine towns.
You want an active adult and over 55 retirement community segment of the population. But also the other ages to be represented too and not neglected. Young folks, their growing families make the older ones feel younger. Everyone needs a purpose in life and to feel needed. Contributing to local community events is never hard in small Maine towns. You volunteer and work events. Not just attend them so plenty of exposure to the younger population in small Maine towns is important too.
As someone what is there to do and what they like best and the needs change. A fresh out of college or in the higher education four or more year “bubble”in the Pine Tree State could be more in party mode than let’s build a family. Go seek your fame and fortune and get it out of your system. Travel is key through life. But it will not take long to realize what is really important in life. And most of it costs no money.real estate blog photo1
This state of New England called Maine boasts a small population (just over 1.3 million people in 2015, median age 43.5 – 6 years higher than U.S. median) allows easy travel options close to home. With lots of sea coast shoreline, plenty of island life, and parked next to Canada location, day trips are possible. Sample Maine is easy once you make the long trip to get here.

The lakes, rivers, streams and ponds inland combine well with the vast tall timber forests set the tone for Maine retirement which should feel like a continuous vacation.

Nothing like work as you know it. No crowds of people but plenty of wildlife. Mount Katahdin is just a few feet short of a mile high. The largest city in the state, Portland, is where a fifth of the folks live. Augusta is the capital of Maine. But small towns in Maine’s sixteen counties are where the heart of real Maine is found. leonard interior lake home photo
More from the Wikipedia entry for Maine .
That expands to the information as you hold up the check off clipboard and do further study. From out of state of Maine online surfers. Hungry for information and if toying with what about Maine as a retirement option.

Whatever your strategy for retirement, when you figure is the best time to reach for the golden parachute and bail out, there are some basic considerations.

On how you see your retirement living shaping up. Most look at it as having more time for exercise, to live a higher and longer quality of remaining life. And they want a social life or to pursue lifestyle hobbies that their previous life did not allow.

Folks in retirement also are more concerned about maintaining a healthy weight.

Which means better days at the later chapters of their life. All the vices they have to cope with stress pounding the pavement in city living is traded in for a country way of life. Slow cooked food they grew themselves and that they know where it came from is important. Less of the hurry up and gulp it down blur of living that only shortens your years on Earth.  Maine is ideal for walkability without fear and the trail system is impressive, all natural, no cost as a Maine property tax payer. snowflowers in maine

More on happy retirements and how Maine fits in. People polled over and over indicate they want to have purpose in living, to contribute and a burning desire to be a part of the community.
You can do that no matter what age in Maine. Because you are needed and there are so many avenues to give back that you have to pace yourself. Can be overwhelmed like a horse in spring released into new clover where they get sick if they graze too long and hard. Easy does it as you ease into retirement living in Maine. Planning for retirement is more than money in the bank or building a pretty expansive, impressive stock portfolio.
Being in the black and not over spending is even more important to retirement section of the bleachers. They have planned, socked away the nest egg of savings and don’t want to jeopardize that secure feeling of having enough. Not being a burden on their kids and to leave the next generation something. Surrounded by loving friends, hopefully some family members is important to the graying sections of the population are highlighted as what is important to folks heading into retirement happiness link.

Retirement in Maine, what does it look like in your head as you consider someday you will be playing the star role in that movie “This Is Your Life”?

Having a patch of dirt, some acreage around a farmstead with crops and critters? Sitting on the deck of a waterfront property in Maine listening to lake loons and taking in another amazing sunrise or sunset.
Or living in a beautiful Victorian home with huge lot and nothing about HOA’s or zero lot lines or spite fences. You can consider what was impossible other places because real estate existing property listings are low cost in Maine and so are all the tradesmen rounded up to construct from scratch your castle.
Or what about this twist. Building a house of your dreams all on one floor on your own affordable piece of land that has you written all over it is within your means easily. You can have it your way, like the place with flame broiled cooking and where everyone wears a cardboard crown of royalty.
Retirement in Maine. Here for questions, to bounce ideas off and we just happen to have a solid inventory of all listing types of real estate in Maine for a custom retirement fit.

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