Retirement, Relocation To Maine, You Should Be At A Lake Property.

maine lake home photo

Retirement, you’ve earned it, done your time and now relocation to Maine in the cards you are about to lay down, play.

With thoughts of park me next to a Maine lake. Waterfront in Maine property listings are low cost, plentiful. Create the perfect setting, back drop for the Golden Years to relax, not work.

For grandchildren to go fishing with Grampy and hear stories about their parent when he or she was a little kid like them.

For the cousins, neices and nephews to all get together around camp fires for more stories, family history.

And to share big maine lake home photospreads of home made food around the outdoor picnic tables.

Made with secret, handed down family recipes by Grammy.

Full time Maine lake living is one option or if you just don’t want to grab the handle of a show shovel ever again, don’t reach for it.

Go ahead.

Be a snow bird.

Head to the sunny South or Southwest winters and spend 75% of  your time on a Maine lake fron home deck.

Looking out over the swimming area sandy beach at lots of picture perfect sunrises, sunsets.

Walking down to neighbors to visit for coffee, other refreshments. To sample that coffee cake, have a burger, some BBQ chicken.

To kayak, canoe, enjoy wildlife, the outdoors that Maine waterfront property listings aford oh so so well.

 The reason people pick Maine for retirement is do to being the 4th lowest for crime. Because the real estate in Maine, all of it across the board is cheap to keep.

You can own something here that forget it anywhere else. Just too rich for your blood.

A better selection and more options mean a better fit, match. Happier retirement in Maine on a lake, pond, oceanfront or a river, stream. Pick the type of water that works best for recreational H2O.

If the place you zero in on that just feels right, works has more land for company, all the better.

maine log lake home photoSo the friends that visit can bring their motor home or fifth wheel.

And say good night, see you at breakfast so everyone takes a break in the conversation and how have you been bring each other up to speed.

The speed of life and what was missed means time on a Maine lake is where you unplug, recharge.

Not just in retirement but any stage of your life.To enjoy along the way. Rent out the vacation home for folks to enjoy too and help you carry the place until retirement hits.

Lake loons, sunsets and sunrises, crickets, fire flies and a setting on a Maine lake. Not parked five back with a right of way either. Smack dab on the front row, at the water’s edge and no one lookingdown  over your shoulder.

Not breathing down your neck on top of you.

You will feel like you are dreaming. You won’t want to wake up from that on the water, on a Maine lake movie in your head.

Sail, power, pontoon or some other kind of boat for the Maine lake.

Because looking at it hypnotizes but nothing compares to be out maine deck chair lake photoon the water.

Where islands, jumping fish, other boats and a sense of community happens.

Especially trolling slowly at sunset, you notice lots of other people doing the same thing you are.

In boats, in deck chairs, walking along the shoreline on the Maine lake. Anywhere waterfront, next to something wet for a neighbor in Maine.

Needing one floor Maine lake home, with big garage for the water toys?

Reach out, share with us your needs, requirements and time table to start the selection, purchase process. Making the life youtube video logodecision to retire, relocate, live on a Maine lake, to buy a waterfront property listing.

Here to help do our part on this end with the details to make it happen, get you on the Maine waterfront.

Starts with doing the homework, lots of questions needing answers. Picking the timing of the purchase that fits your budget and the matches the list of wants, don’t wants you are holding in your hand.

Ready when you are to begin the process of getting your name on a title deed, to slide into a Maine waterfront property listing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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