Revisiting Real Estate Listings In Maine, Once And Done Not The Way.

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When we list a Maine real estate listing, the property is treated VIP going in.

Not thrown together missing vital information, all the details a busy real estate buyer needs and deserves. Wasting people’s time is not the secret to more listings, more property sales. kitchen set of property for sale photo

So besides lots of images, better ones.

The real estate video for the show and tell, the copy information better be full, complete and all there.

So one by one the real estate buyer out in the wild blue yonder that tapes into the wireless, copper or glass fiber strand for property listing information gets fed completely.

Every single time they have a few precious moments to spare and it means what’s for sale for real estate is the drop everything exercise.

No matter what time of day or night it is where the real estate agent, broker hangs his or her hat. You have to be ready.

We add different images taken from better perspectives or time of day to weave into the message. Or scan and post a survey not known about but uncovered along the way.

Like a stew where new ingredients get stirred in as they become available, we keep improving the real estate marketing presentation to make it better for the other end of the signal.

But in addition to making sure the numbers for every unique real estate lake sunset in maine photolisting are accurate, in the marketing write up presentation, revists to the property happen.

To open up the platforms one by one.

To add, change, improve the presentation and remove any wrinkles. Or holes. To reflect changes.

As seasons move forward, the look of the property outside does too in a state like Maine.

The area where the property is is different like the events, clothing, day to day how things unfold in a new season.

Wintery images can be white and fluffy, sugar sparkled.

But when you head into the lush green of spring, just like your wardrobe, the photo carousel better be changed up too.

Making it real and keeping it in the moment.

Never dated or dusky, faded, neglected. But kept alive and pertinent.

Reflecting the current property that it is. And what the community looks like right now if you were there too! And if you were standing on the property and looking around to get the lay of the land. This is as close to that right here and now.

Without being there as we can pour into the snap shot presentation. For an accurate reflection take away to chew on and digest.

Delivery of the property listings for sale in Maine to the buyer.

Not the other way around where they feel teased, delayed getting details on the largest purchase most of us ever make. Demands stocking the shelves on all the marketing platform portals. With new details, better information, change this, add that as it all becomes available.

Once and done, forget about it is not how the real estate listing rides on the information conveyor belt.

As an real estate agent or broker shows the property, recites over the phone or emails, office visits in the tell me about it. Hitting the high points and low ones too for full listing disclosure. The professional becomes better versed in this specific individual real estate offering. Thinking about if I was this person in the audience looking it over, what about the listing would fit that Jane or Joe’s property needs. derby new racers maine photo

Knowing what he or she is selling is the first and last goal in finding the right buyer for the real estate property listing.

Otherwise it is just hit or miss.

Wasting time promoting a listing that won’t work because someone did not listen.

Or just does not really know much more than the property address. Is still a nice person but not up to speed about the listing before it is shown.

And reciting details, rattling off the run down of what do we have here.

One after another like someone who studied for the quiz or test and is prepared.

And during a tour, the buyer and real estate agent or broker will figue it out together.

Don’t wait until then to have it represent as closely as possible.

There does not have to be a physical tour if what is for sale reflects the true, full rundown of what is for sale.

Video especially covers a lot of ground easily and everyone stay where they are. No traveling expenses, or putting off something out of state to get to Maine to doing the tramping in and out. Save your dollars, wasting travel time hassles.hummingbirds photo

It helps free up the real estate buyer from far away.

Around the property listing feeder buzzing like a Maine hummingbird.

Who knows pretty much the direction he or she is going to flit.

For which property listing to settle in on because it is figured out online before they even roll into town.If not skimpy, or just wrong in what is being promoted and promised.

If it is presented online neat and sweet to dine on any time property or area information hunger hits. Like the news and weather forecast, accurate and dependable.

Like a dental cleaning, doctor’s physical, we log in, go back online and change property details.To reflect the owner would now consider selling the real estate listing with less land for this much. Or will consider these owner financing terms on that land parcel for sale he is selling.

Or the root cellar that was missed in the initial write up feature, the new dining room hardwood floor added after listing. But during the last showing we realize it needs to be in the write up. Like any other feature missed but recently added should be included once it is known.

We log on, make the changes to the real estate listing marketing presentation. On not just one but lots of property outlets for Maine what’s for sale inventory. That we day and night weed, feed, water and herd to get the listing heading closer toward the real estate closing.

To add to what we started with, gathered at town hall, at the kitchen listing table fill in the real estate property software blanks.

All those questions we pose to the property owner and add to what we measure, observe during the what do we have here walk around.

It’s all about careful real estate note taking. To make sure what it is gets relayed to those usually late night, out of state Maine real estate property listing buyers. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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