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The laundry wish list of gotta have, don’t want carried and created by a Maine real estate property buyer.

What is on the numbered list in order of importance? Much different in rural small town Maine real estate markets compared to urban population centers. lake sunset maine photo

For starters, worries about crime and looking for beefed up security does not make an appearance on the Country Mouse’s home hunting list.

But the City Mouse’s for sure expects, rewards places with security cameras, guards, gates and dead bolts. Chain link is your friend.

In the land of looking over your shoulder and carrying a taser.

Fear is a strong emotion and protecting your loved ones, yourself is a need to meet. In real estate property listing selection too.

Keeping up with the Jones, status and one of a kind to stand out also is not on the rural real estate buyer’s property list requirements. The shift instead to easy to heat, updates to roofing, plumbing, electrical is a logical one.

When money is tight, spending is done with impulse control.

Careful thought to buy value, get lasting and something to call home that is practical.

Maine’s is a state of frugal residents, simple living with folks not out to impress.

Wasting money on the flash not seen. Not liking debt means let’s double up on the payments for the house mortgage Martha. To be debt free.

Going without something to call attention to yourself for attention means hold your Ego horses. Instead, let’s practice moderation and make sure if we do spend money, it is worth the return.

 So the garage to get the vehicles under cover during a snow storm, for storage or to work out of is a Maine property priority.

We get weather in Maine. That second bath or at least a partial one means things go smoother in the up and at ’em. To get the kids off to school, Mom and Dad to work. lake mirror maine photo

The first floor bedroom for Nana who is living like the Walton’s television series with the one big happy family happens too! So does needing space for the home business.

Maine has lots of cottage industries.

Work at home or schooling those kids from the residence on a working farm. Where it is local food from the field to the table tasty and wholesome.

Selling the excess at the local farmers markets.


Other differences on what the urban and country buyers ask for in their property listing search? Well another distinction is space.

You pay a premium if you can even get it, elbow room in the big city, bright lights.

In the country it is a given, thrown in no charge. Lots of land means who worries about parking in the rural real estate playground.

In small town Maine, we are outside most of the time if not sleeping. In cities, that can be dangerous in certain neighborhoods. Day or night matters not. cows mooers photo

Lower cost real estate listings in Maine never go out of style.

The property owner who adds in all the options can be disappointed if a resale not expected has to happen.

Because the market does not always reward the cash peeled off the roll or stacks of dead Presidents.

New furnace, roof, plumbing and electrical updates win points. So do new exteriors and replacement glass.

The big ticket expenses are more important to the rural Maine real estate home or property buyer. Than the glitzy, showy smaller items that cost plenty, leave so much more untouched crying out for attention. To a property in areas where you can not see the razzle dazzle show up. Deeper down in the sticks and bricks.

Love to discuss what the Maine real estate market rewards, rejects to avoid making mistakes.

The ones that make a person kick themselves later. From not knowing or thinking like they still lived in the last real estate market where we all know, no two operate the same. Here to help when you are a property listing owner wondering what improvements help the value of the real estate in Maine. 

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