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Maine is the state you want to buy a home, invest in some property.

 bigmainemooseBut have you scoped out the sheer size of this place up in the right hand corner of the country?

Big, beautiful, wide open country this state of Maine is. But telling your friends you are searching for a home to move, relocate to in Maine leaves things still a little vague.

Loose as a goose, big as a Maine moose. Not nailed down to a specific area and pretty wide open as to what does that mean for a location  for the property?

Where in Maine, which of the sixteen counties do you want to invest in a real estate listing?

What type of property listing in Maine are we talking about kicking tires on? Targeting what specfic use or purpose for the real estate in Maine is helpful to know up front.

For an easy statewide Maine MLS search, click this link.

All prices, every property from border to border, contained in the state of Maine is available to look over, check out.

What you will find is that prices for property listings in Maine drop considerable the further north you go. As you cross into Southern Maine over the big hump in the middle green iron bridge that welcomes you to Vacationland. 

More space, acreage around the property listing happens too as you venture up into the state of Maine.

Because the number of people thins out, the prices for the Maine real estate inventory drops too. Nice combination to enjoy whendeermoosemaineconsidering an investment, pouring your hard earned dollars into something solid like Maine real estate. 

What price range, type of property listing, plan for using and enjoying the property listing in Maine are you hoping to find?

Owner financing for land in Maine, with nothing built on the acreage. Maybe a mom and pop grocery or business for sale?

A Victorian grand yesteryear home in Maine? Waterfront property listings that you can swing, own easily here.

That might be just a pipe dream and out of the question where you live, work and play out of state now. 

With most of our Maine real estate buyers, the surprise at everything they know divide by three and four happens on property listing prices.

This is the right life direction to be heading if you are looking for simple, real, clean and four season outdoor Maine real estate to enjoy. Don’t put it off any longer. Just consider what is available for property in Maine. Does not hurt to kick some tires, to browse and search,mooerslogosignature consider what is out here in Maine for sale right? 

Here to help in your property search, to one by one sort out the inventory of current listings in Maine. Ready to get started when you are. But please come back, tap in and use our Maine real estate site as your portal of choice for the statewide MLS property listing offerings. 

Maine, big state, less people, more space…what you had in mind?

I’m Maine Broker Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR

207.532.6573  |   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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