Seeing Each Individual Member Of The Real Estate Property Listing Audience.

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The folks out there in the wild blue yonder needing to buy or sell Maine real estate.

Out of thin air, who can we find on radar sweeps. That our agency provides what they need. What they seek. Seeing, reaching out and touching to make the connection in marketing Maine real estate property listings.

It helps that in a former life, broadcasting in Maine was part of the training.

Learn about the personal tale in this link.


Working in Maine broadcasting helped see the members of the audience out there needing to buy and sell real estate.

So the process of how to do it, explaining what comes next and why in property listing sales becomes more immediate, intimate.

Available online without having to actually darken the agency door.

Or to do a real walk through of property listings now on the market.

We take the folks serious no matter how we got the phone to buzz or email server to hum.

Or double doors to the agency to creak open and shut in a healthy frequency. And need  lots of oil squirts just like the Tin Man squeaked to lubricate the communication.

The on air behind a camera or RE 290 microphone hands on experience couple with marketing, journalism and broadcasting.

That combination is invaluable in today’s information society.

Where everyone wants and should expect custom made treatment in what is now circling the property carousel of real estate inventory.

Answers to questions speed of thought fast delivery.

And nothing left out or sluggish to navigate on the platform portals. So no one is teased, delayed, made tense in the hurry up and wait. andy mooers derby race kids photo

Today’s real estate buyer and seller are pretty savvy, in one major hurry.

So what we send to them better be timely, what they want too.

Not shipping  them everything but the kitchen sink.

And force them to wade through lots of inventory segments they don’t want, won’t be buying in their lifetime.

But in the slice and dice of what is out there for current property listings for sale. Just cut the cards, tell me, better yet show and tell me.

What is it like living around where you are Mr Local Real Estate Broker in Maine.

The community event videos in Maine are the first stop to do just that so easily.

A watering hole to return to for more. For someone not even to the point of knowing what they want to buy. Until the all important decision of where to do that is learned from lots of online study.

Not just actual trips to the small rural towns In Maine that make up most of the property listing types offered. Videos for Maine real estate news cure that pesky problem.

From broadcasting days in an early career at stations owned by Howdy Doody, Stephen King too.

Seeing, talking to the person behind the wheel commuting to work. At home in the kitchen reading the newspaper and slurping a coffee. Out in the garage working on a shop project with the kids.

On a ski slope with ear buds, small smart phone screen as they ride the chair lift or gondola. Or leaning against a wall to stretch legs. At a short delay at an airport.

Out for a park walk many states, time zones from where the actual Maine real estate listing is parked. But hooked up and zeroed in wanting real estate information streamed their way.

Knowing school vacation is underway and that lots in the audience would be interested in knowing about this local event about to go on.

Or just getting underway along with the weather forecast. Information, news that is pure local. That they might appreciate having the details for and to cyber attend. If they knew about it. cows1

Paying attention.

You can tell if someone is making eye contact, really listening or not.

Or just reciting from a cue card. Pushing a dry, boring script into your head.

Just reading from one.

Conversations go both ways in life.

Real estate is the same way for engagement. Make it a real personasking for help, directions, your opinion as the local expert. Just how you and I would talk if parked on a diner counter stool side by side.

But someone has to prime the pump of conversation. Be the fly wheel counter balance to keep it going at a healthy clip.

Getting that connection going. To start a relationship that builds. Because two people are back and forth like ping pong. And it takes two to keep it healthy. Making it productive and changing to reflect the last communication in a text, email, phone call.

And once the conversation starts in real estate or the tell me about what it is like where you live Mr Maine real estate broker? That the friendly  interrogation purrs smoothly.

Stays well underway and builds to a conclusion that means real estate was bought or sold. Or will be down the road eventually.

Knowing when to return to that person. There is a knack, art to letting them know about new developments. With the property listing they hovered over a few days or weeks or months, even years ago.

See the tracks, double back to those prospects. They will appreciate you staying in touch, sticking with them!

Remembering they are not ready to buy real estate in Maine today. But will be someday.

I do. Because for coming up on 36 years that is how it shake and bakes best. Because of an elderly in law in a health care facility with daily visits the routine for now on their end.

Or school age kids needing to do the natural progression through the halls of higher learning. maine lake blue photo

To get pushed out the front doors of the local high school where they live now first.

But where they live now. 

The buyer is aiming, wants to change that.

Reflected in the new return mailing address in the upper left hand corner of all their Christmas cards someday soon.

Showing the new property listing location on a new house in Maine they are proud to call home.

It’s important for someone still looking for Maine real estate. To see the smoke signal. Hear the flutter of a carrier pigeon. About the changes to the property price or the new twist.

To get the memo. That the seller of the Maine real estate property listing they noticed and liked. They learn the owner will now consider splitting the acreage up. When maybe that option was discussed but not available before.

Making the sales price smaller along with the amount of land surrounding it.

So affordable can happen. Or here are new crop of listings in Maine for sale today. Like the ones our website software shows you spent time eyeballing in the past.

On listing videos about the properties for sale you racked up lots of minutes watching, listening to lately. So we can make it a friendly, thought you might like to know.

And toprovide suggestion links and pdf attachments of more real estate that you might enjoy considering. Pretty close to the property listing in Maine you spied with your little eye. To start the fire in the belly I aim to cure taking you from the dream to actual ownership.

First showing all the for listings on the market like it. Or on each side of the bar for something pretty similar. But just a few degrees or shade hues different to each side of it.

That is what selection, the property selling itself is all about. Because it fits perfectly for the buyer who ends up landing it. Without any arm twisting or games from the agent or broker.maine gazebo photo

Calling it home sweet Maine home.

Or whatever type of property listing category the real estate falls under.

So marketing real estate starts and ends with conversations. Ongoing ones. No thank you but getting close. Or helpful, thank you very much ones. That satisfy the hunger or thirst. Get them what they want. Problem solved.

The buyer for Maine properties reaching out to ask questions. Or calling, emailing, texting, actually visiting the real estate office in Maine. We want that to happen a lot. It has to for us to know the next move.

Because we reached out to all of them. Keen on doing it without boring them, annoying them. Because too frequent wears out your welcome. Becomes an irritation or time suck even though meaning well.

Interfering is not what the delivery of real estate is supposed to do with all the other balls the buyer or seller juggles.

Or what is worse, not at all in the here you go served up just the way you self directed, instructed us.

After the buyer or sell provides all the contact information needed to stay in touch. The way they see best to dovetail and mess. With the other components of their hectic life or different work schedule, etc.

Like the porridge not too blazing hot or harsh, too often in the sliding bowls in front of the buyer or seller. But not stone cold and going silent either.

And besides the reach back to keep the conversation going, knowing what to send next. Based on the very good notes taken in the first interview. In the adjustments based on reaction to the last ones shipped.

Conversations of any type between the Maine real estate broker and the buyer, seller too of property listings evolve.

Dials get adjusted behind the blue and green curtain called Maine. houlton me fair photo

When something happens in life situations of buyers and sellers.

So we quickly smooth out the new wrinkles.

Find the kink in the hose to keep the information and process of buying, selling Maine real estate flowing. The griddle sizzling with tasty details.

We don’t want to over do it. To shower the buyer of Maine real estate property with constant communications that overwhelm.

To the degree that it makes them wish they did not provide the ways to keep in touch that cause an channel over feeding stress.

But when we do send information it is based on the frequency the real estate listing buyer prefers. They can adjust the speed of the property for sale conveyor belt on their ends to open or close the information flood gates.

And know we are always here for the tell me about your area of Maine, the state in general. When the mood strikes them or time allows.

Or to shoot the breeze. On the process of the getting a loan, how owner financing works. What is shoreland zoning in Maine all about.

Maybe where to find a job in Maine.

Who is hiring. Pointing them in the right direction as the local who lives, works, plays here.

Or if they have a retirement paycheck that follows them to Maine. How to stretch that monthly budget to make it enough to make ends meet and avoid sleepless nights. fall colors in maine photo

And the try it on for specific needs see it could work.

Is this property listing feasible for a telecommute to their same old job ?

The one they bring with them to Maine. Our blog posts are constant broadcasts of the FAQ topics we field each day.

Besides just right amount of correspondence and real estate market updates. it is important not to confuse the folks out in the property listing audience. Too many tasks given to the lengthy communication is confusing.

We like to answer lots of questions. Then provide a blog post link to one like in this collection. Corner of just one of our many websites.

To let the buyer or seller drill down until their heart’s content on the topic.

So they get total satisfaction to the question they had but not any more at the end of the blog post.

Because seconds, third helpings of more on the topic or type of real estate listing is available are providing.

On the buffet of information delivered to whoever, wherever round the clock.

That’s how real estate information delivery works today.

Quick, complete, helpful and constant.horses in maine photo

We may doze but never close real estate property listing in Maine. Also for the area coverage on what happens here year round for fun.

Live and local being broadcast.

Because that is what we would want if brand new to the area and fill up on all the don’t knows answers.

Or they do already live local. Need a change though. Bigger, smaller, something creates the itch to swap and trade. Just wanted a clean, fresh portal that provided the best online real estate property search experience possible in my Maine listing market to do that.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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