Faulty Flood Maps Equals $$$ Insurance

Derby Hill In Community Park, Houlton Maine

What to do about inaccurate Maine FEMA waterfront maps affecting your home or cottage property listing purchase or sale? 

Derby Hill In Community Park, Houlton MaineThe Maine bank appraisal for your new waterfront home has some bad news.

The FEMA flood insurance maps show the property you want to buy is located in the wrong zone than you had hoped.

By the way, how strong, good a swimmer are you anyway?

Prone to flooding, going under water periodically is what the FEMA map designation reveals, shows.

On the top of Derby Hill at Houlton Maine’s Community Park, there is no danger that the real estate is in the flood plain.

Pretty obvious and what you will find if you study the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) waterfront land maps. 

But often the property is not in the flood plain.

And requires getting an exception from the FEMA maps. Hiring a local Maine land surveyor to handle the job. Extra expense.

To prove you don’t need flood insurance premiums for another yearly expense. On top of your regular Maine home mortgage, property tax bill and house insurance bill. 

Our sister site, our “blue” Own Maine Real Estate Blog posted an article about flood plain insurance recently that is worth a read. Learn about the process of getting an exception for being classified, showing up on the FEMA map flood plain warning list. 

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