Smells In Maine Houses, Not All Bad.

maine lake photo

Properties in Maine come with smells.

And despite the logic of sanitize, got to be squeaky clean. To make everything bland pale white in color appearance, neutral too in smells. Odors, they happen. Because people live in homes for sale in Maine. maine lake photo

The Maine house is the vessel where life happens for the property owner, their families.

So fish fry on a Friday, the fragrance of home cooked food can enhance the walk through. Because how the current owner uses the home, enjoys it. The next Maine home buyer will too.

The smell of a crackling fire in the formal living room during a walk through. A fragrance pine or first Christmas tree radiating its scent.

The sound of a Grandfather’s clock keeping perfect time as the sun beams in the bay window through sheer curtains.

Canning, preserving what is grown in the backyard.

Baked beans because it is Saturday. Which means brown bread, home made potato salad, fresh chopped cole slaw, red snapper hot dogs.

Dirty smells, cat litter that has been neglected is not the desired benchmark for odors though. Nor is anything that makes your potential buyer for the Maine home have watery eyes.

Smokers even when they stop lighting up for a walk through leave the wrong impression. When the buyers sniff their clothes. Look at the yellow sap covered walls in extreme cases during a property walk through. maine lake home exterior photo

But fresh flowers on a dining room to greet the buyers.

Lilacs, lupine, brown eyed susans clipped and arranged in a pretty vase on the kitchen counter.

Hanging flowers on the open porch that spill bright, vibrant colors next to the swaying hummingbird feeder.

The tinkling wind chime. Fueled by a light Maine summer breeze.

The smell of sawdust in a woodworking shop.

Don’t try to chase it away what happens everyday in the real estate in Maine setting.

The next property in Maine buyer can pick up where the last property owner left off right?

The horse stable on a Maine farm property that is neat, picked up, tidy. But with hay mixed with grain and a little fertilizer smells. It comes with the farm territory. Just like a corn field smell of new light rain that sprouts skyward.

Remember how a song from yesteryear that once heard again after a long absence can instantly transport you to an earlier happy time.

Smells have the same ability to round out the property listing in Maine.

Not just brownies fresh in the pan mixed with fresh brewed coffee. Because often the property listing tour is one of many. maine falls colors lake photo

So sitting down at the kitchen table or on the open front porch is not an option.

But in the real estate in Maine video, the pitcher of iced cold, sweating iced tea, lemonade.

The plate of home made cookies or sugared donuts, date squares. Fresh fruit. They tap into the visual to expand into the other senses your real estate buyer has.

To make it real for them. To feel like the only thing missing is that buyer to decide to say “I do” for a second time. Marry this property. Deciding it is “the one”. Have a cookie. Take two, there’re small.

Our job as a real estate broker in Maine is not to just describe the property as if it was a morgue dictation during a forensic exam with the bone saw and hand held dictation recorder.

It is about how life will look, feel, smell, taste, sound for the new Maine home buyer. farmers market in maine photo

That is why skimpy may work with the length of a dress to make it interesting.

But with the real estate display of a property listing, make it buffet full and expansive.

Because your office for Maine real estate listings is online, open day and night. With the signal tied to the promotion, broadcast clear channel and able to picked up around the four corners of the Earth. Or better be.

Expanding our market to reach further and to know the audience members we serve. To see them, reach out to them and understand their needs as if we were them.

Test drive a property listing in Maine.

Let us know how it fits, works for you. And where we need to hear the feed back. To be able to adjust the focus, suggest some other options. To get to that perfect for you property listing that works best.

Breath deep, smell what it is like in Maine when the fall foliage is in full explosive color. Or spring grass and bushes are sprouting. Or in summer when lobsters are steaming, blueberry pie freshly raked, picked apples are just coming out of the oven.

Parked in a criss cross weave of shortening fruit peek a boo cooling on a rack.

That is just begging for a scoop, or better make it two riding on top. Of hand churned home made ice cream.

Maine, it is all about the experience in the short ride called life.  Let us know, reach out and connect so we can know what you are after. To help you find that real estate listing in Maine that works best to hit the sweet spot for you.

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