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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Smyrna/Merrill, Maine!

How To Get Here

In the early days, the roads were more paths and logging twitch trails. Or paddling up a river to land and walk, walk some more took maineducks3weeks and months to make progress through the new vast lands of the Greant North Maine woods. Today, Interstate 95 that opened up the country along with the opening of Loring Air Force Base in Limerstone in 1950 changed all that in a big way.

Take Interstate 95 Exit 286 in Oakfield to proceed west to hit US RT 2 in downtown Smyrna Mills Maine. Or if you were talking, missed it, you get a second chance. Blinker at Interstate 95 Exit 291 in Smyrna before the Brook Side Inn Restaurant and Motel. Hit US RT 2 to head east to Houlton or travel west to the village of Smyrna Mills Maine. Merrill is the same six wide by six high mile square that lies north of Smyrna.

Heading out the County or now 911 labeled Smyrna Road of US RT 2, you can check out the Oakfield foothill views, see Mount Katahdin too from some elevations as you putt along checking out farms of crops and livestock. Lilley Dairy Farms is in Smyrna and supplies the tasty milk products from their black and white Holsteins that don’t get BST growth hormone injections.

All the local snow sled and ATV trails criss cross Smyrna Merrill Maine. RT 212 and The Townline Moro Road help get you north to access RT 11, the backway up into Aroostook County as you head through the Allagash and up into the St John River Valley. Fly in Presque Isle and Bangor Maine how most do to rent a car to complete the journey to this pair of shared services small Northern Maine towns of Smyrna, Merrill Maine.

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