Smyrna/Merrill – Things To Do For Fun


Welcome to historic, friendly Smyrna/Merrill, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

Lots to pick from for outdoor options in the Smyrna Merrill Maine area because you are in Vacationland remember? Outdoor living is what we do up here in Aroostook County! Hastings Falls is one easy hike in and take in the sights, sounds of water that entertains and refreshes you. See the rock carved handiwork of Mother Nature that has patience, does good work. Video for Hastings Falls. Take in a play at the Smyrna / Merrill Historical Society or if you are lucky, a public supper that rivals your best Thanksgiving memory is tasty, affordable and the best way to sit down and be next to the locals. The local community members are always your best information source.


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