Solar Homes In Maine For Sale, Please Don’t Say “Go Fish”.

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In the kid’s card game, being short suited in something is not good if you are anxious to get rid of your cards.

Real estate property sales has the same approach. Solar homes for sale in Maine is not a well stocked property type but we do list, market, sell panels maine home photo

Or we find the land for a solar home in Maine and help in the construction process or who can do this and that. 

In building a solar powered house, one that is passive and active.

In using the sun’s rays to the maximum when it shines and can be harvested.

We listed a solar home in Maine property this week.

Details on the property listing at 35 High Street Houlton Maine 04730. Watch the video in the link.

But what if you are thinking solar homes in Maine, and have an idea of what you want the place to look like? To take the time to piece by piece put together the solar house puzzle pieces.

Where do you turn for a resource to get to to speed on solar homes and the latest technology to go with that type of housing?

The owner of the place we listed using passive and solar for heating, power reached out to the Mother Earth News people. Also to the Whole Earth catalog reviews.

Back in 1992 and steadily added to the array of cells. That switched from Nicad to hydrogen based batteries. Putting up the 24 solar panels and 1500 gallon holding tank that is heavily insulated to contain, store the energy from the Sun.

 Learn more about the benefits of solar powered residences, in housing choices.

Federal tax credits and rebates for solar powered homes are out there to help defray the cost of building them today too. solar home batteries cells photo

Like anything how far you take it, deep you go is up to the ambitious behind the passion.

And tied to the wallet or purse strings too.

But many have dedication to smaller solar gain in the way they live and construct, enjoy their Maine homes.

The greenhouse entry to capture the southern Sun’s ways is common in Maine home design.

So is the south facing wall of windows to light the large open living area in new designs.

Knowing to remove most of the interior walls of an older Maine farm house would cause collapse and structure integrity issues. More about living off grid in Maine and keeping it simple.

Smaller is better in the carbon footprint and being a good steward of all your resources is just simple Maine living.

Written all over the primer used as the easy does it guide to squeezing more out of living in Maine no garden maine photomatter if on or off the grid.

Or despite how deep a Maine home owner goes in living in whatever they build and call their castle.

The low on the horizon Sun’s rays during the colder part of Maine’s weather cycle, means  building materials to perform like a heat sink.

To help radiate, warm the bones. With whatever you can and all about harvesting the heat from the solar gain.

Or geothermal heat pumps using the air and water designs flooding the energy market. That are out there on the open market. To dove tail in the weave to use solar heat and power in the Maine home combinations to save money, stay warm.

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