Starting A Micro Farm In Maine, How Much Land Needed?



You are concerned about what you eat, where the food came from, how it was grown so Maine farms.

You want one. But not flush with cash. There is a little back to the land in all of us. And the feeling, hunger for it increases as the space to do it evaporates in larger urban settings.farmer market in maine photo

So reason folks buy Maine land to farm, for all the other benefits.

And how you are going to juggle the responsibilities of kids, creating an income trail until the agricultural operation becomes one that is sustainable?

It takes home work on the Maine farm dream that you want to make a reality. And to stay on what you build from the Good Earth.

I grew up on an Aroostook County potato and grain farm.

And the Caribou loam soil that was rich, surrounding the home where I was raised could produce yields of 32,000 pounds of potatoes.

In just that 208′ x 208′ dimension that is the size of an acre of Maine land. Just across the border in Atlantic Canada the unit for farming is metric, hectares.

Market for the farm food in Maine you grow beyond just your own family table is part of the equation. Micro farming assumes operating lean and mean. Making frugal living a survival game challenge.

 So instead of the tendency to get larger, to grow or die making it a large farm operation, micro farming approaches the food chain from the grass roots first. farm barn cows photo

Organic farming in Maine is catching on so the support is in place.

To help with food hubs, distribution.

The shared equipment to free up the major investment too large for one.

Bartering, dickering, lots of praying. And plenty of dialogue, discussions round the clock. To make sure the micro farming in Maine is not done blindfolded. Or feeling like someone tied one arm tied behind your back.

I went to a Slow Money Maine meeting recently that was enlightening and showcased many varied enterprises with micro farming in Maine. That are getting off the strong and small in expense to help assure their survival.

Thought about horsing around with pony, critters, not just crops? Lots of the reasons for micro farming start with dietary needs not met easily in the traditional large size grocery store. These health reasons start the small plot garden or raised beds to create the food for the dinner table. Then expands from that. busy bee in maine photo

But hundreds of acres of Maine land is not needed and not easily afforded by most seeking farm property.

So with the acre of Maine land illustration above, showing how productive our soil is, relax.

How you use the Maine land is key too.

Knowing what you plant in this Maine micro farm region of available dirt will like an early check out at a local motel, be freed up. For the needs of the sprawling, late risers. That venture into this are of your land supply more toward the fall harvest time. To reap what you sow.

Farmers markets in Maine, heck the UPS driver can help with an easily found and functional website help the agricultural experiment.

To become a sustainable, locally sourced farm to table farm in Maine operation.micro farming in maine photo

With the shift from sending 53′ long trailer truck boxes down the road.

To a couple of potatoes at a time.

Peddled at a pop up market in a quaint down town.

Or rehab building that suddenly has a new use.

Plenty of ten foot pole marks from neglect.

Or due to the internet power to find new consumers online. Packaged in a container with a story about how this produce was raised with love and care. And the invitation to come on up to rural Maine. 

To become a micro farmer in Maine partner.

With the food consumer on the other end of the marketing chain. Needing you until he or she ever does. But you are their farmer in Maine for now. Dealing directly and not losts in the noisy shuffle at the neon signed monument border in mainemarket.

Start small, think big and it is all about good quality Maine farm food.

We can help you get a piece of dirt to work.To take the steps to getting a farmstead operation off the ground up here in rural Aroostook County.

Raising crops, critters, or both on the Maine farm land that is waiting for you to start the search. Ask lots questions about how to farm small.

Remember too that large Maine farm operations need a lot of land to turn the equipment around. To produce large volumes of produce.

You are micro farmer in Maine along with the low overhead simple living approach to life are coming at it from a completely different direction.

And the small two to four acre fields that the big farmer can not use, is ideal for your scope of micro farming in Maine.

With more hands on, labor intensive farming that staying small creates with your Maine land development. Come visit us up here on the Canadian border. Micro farming in Maine, ready for some of that?

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