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Buying A Home In Maine | Prequalified Or Pre Approval Letter?

Buying a home in Maine, are you prequalified or have a pre approval letter to show you can get a house loan? What is the difference between prequalified or pre approval for a Maine home loan? Like many real estate terms, there is confusion out in the home buying audience. Buying a home is not something most of us do on a regular basis. This blog post tackles the topic of a prequalified or pre...


Getting A Pre-Approval Letter To Buy A Home, What To Bring.

Looking to buy a Maine home? What do you need to bring to the bank, what paperwork do you round up to prepare for the bank mortgage home loan approval letter? Well, take the hike. To speed up the bank home loan pre-approval process done before you set your sights on the house of your dreams, here is what is needed by the mortgage lender. Anything that verifies your income, spells out the short and...

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